What happens to error coins

Mike Byers editor of Mint Error News Magazine

Meet bug coin dealers and expert Mike Byers

Mike Byers, the editor of the popular (and free) Mint Error News magazine , has more than 40 years of experience handling and collecting major mint error coins. Byers' company, Mike Byers, Inc., is based in Los Vegas, Nevada, and has one of the most impressive collections of significant defects you could ever expect. His shop is practically a museum for the spectacular things that can go wrong with the coin!

In addition, he is also engaged in visual arts, specializing in works by Leroy Neiman

Mike Byers' magazine, Mint Error News , appears quarterly on the Internet. Often over 100 pages long, the magazine is full of photos and facts about failure coins, how they happen and what they're worth.

Byers is also an award-winning numismatic writer. He published his first book in 2009, entitled World's Greatest Mint Errors, and the book received the NLG Award for Best Coin Book in the World. This book combines stunning imagery with the most accurate information available to provide anyone interested in flawed coinage with the latest information on flawed coinage from the U.S. and around the world. Additionally, he appeared in various media commenting on failure coins, such as the unique 1970-S Proof Quarter that was struck in a Canadian neighborhood in 1941.

Mike Byers and his discoveries

Aside from the publication of his magazine, Byers is known in the coin collecting community for his amazing ability to find large mint flaws.

Byers is credited with finding some of the most spectacular and formidable flaws in modern coinage, including:

  • In 1999 State Quarters struck experimental coin blanks
  • US coins that have been struck on the fingertips of the feeder (these are pieces of mint machines)
  • A one-sided test hit for the 1910 Lincoln Cent, PCGS certified
  • A one-time state quarter was beaten twice, with two different state's dies
  • A unique set of double sided euro coins certified by ANACS

In addition to these famous failure coins, Byers is rewarded with the discovery of dozens of other significant coin failures, including two-headed and two-tailed coins from national mints around the world.

How to Meet Mike Byers

Mike Byers loves traveling to coin shows to meet and trade with collectors. He always has a free moment for the newcomer and is happy to explain how a particular coin came to be. So if you have weird coins in your collection that might be coin flaws, Mike Byers is the person to show him. He sets up his table at most of the major coin fairs in the United States. You can contact him through his website to find out where he will be soon.

Edited by: James Bucki