What is the silver content in groschen

Fine silver content in a Prussian groschen

Hello dear mint community,

I have a 1/24 thaler here from 1783, also known as a groschen. In order to be able to understand the currency system from this time a little, I tried to follow the silver content from the currency reform of 1750 by Friedrich II. In doing so, I came across the following question, the answer of which I cannot find on the Internet. Or I'm getting something wrong here.

Among other things, according to money and purchasing power from 1750 - GenWiki - as before - 234g silver was used as the basis for the currency reform. The weight mark of silver at the time. This 234g of silver was divided into 14 thalers. Each thaler should therefore contain just under 16.7g of silver. Since my groschen corresponds to 1/24 thaler, it should also contain just under 16.7g fine silver / 24, i.e. just under 0.7g fine silver.

1/24 Taler 1764-1786, Prussia - coin value - uCoin.net, for example, speaks of 0.220 silver (weight or percentage is irrelevant because the two do not match). Otherwise I cannot find the specific silver content anywhere as an indication. Brandenburg-Prussen, Kingdom of Prussia, Friedrich II., 1/24 Taler 1782, ss only speaks of material: silver. Likewise he: Coins of the Kingdom of Prussia - Friedrich II, 1/24 thaler for Brandenburg

My question now is: Do only the thalers have the correct fine silver content and the rest are incidental coins or is there actually 0.7g of silver in my penny? Or have I made a mistake? If the question has already been answered somewhere, I would be very happy to receive a link.

Greetings, rioters


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