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The 10 Most Unusual B2B Lead Sources

Sales are the essence of every B2B business, without which it cannot remain successful in the market. But to get sales, you have to generate leads first. For the B2C sector, it is much easier to turn website visitors and fans into paying customers.
However, this does not mean that it is hopeless in the B2B area - on the contrary. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that it will take longer to sell. In order to get leads, you therefore also need tactical understanding and a good level of finesse and understanding for your customers.
Instead of relying on conventional ways to generate new leads alone, it is worth looking outside the box. Try these 10 unusual sources of B2B leads:

1. Quora

Quora is a platform where users can ask and answer questions, exchange ideas and network with other people. No matter what topic you want to discuss, you will find many experts in the field on Quora.
By answering other users' questions and positioning yourself as an expert, you will become better known and increase your credibility. Many of the users you have helped will look at your Quora profile, where you can place a link to your website or a landing page.

2. Quizzes

Interactive content will become more and more important in the future. With hardly anything else you can get users interested in you and bring you to their minds.
Since it takes a lot of time to get to know your target audience and learn more about their needs and pains, quizzes are a great way to do a lot of work for you. A quiz that helps people learn more about themselves will get significantly more responses than a normal “call to action” asking for comments under a blog article.

3. Email signatures

Have you often wished that more of your email contacts would also become actual customers? Then you should think about putting the link to your landing page in your email signature. In this way, you can promote yourself and your products without being intrusive: you show them the link, but don't ask them to click directly.

4. Retargeting

Unfortunately, far too often it happens that your site visitors are interested in your products, but leave your site again without buying anything. If you haven't even got an email address, it's usually permanently lost.
If you use retargeting pixels, you can capture exactly these visitors again: After they have left your site, a Facebook ad ensures that they are reminded of you or see the products that particularly interested them.

5. Free trial periods

Everyone likes free gifts. This is why free trial months for Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime work so well: Once users have experienced and learned to appreciate all the benefits of the product, they are happy to spend money in order to continue using this service.
Make sure to link the free trial period to the fact that the testers give you their email address. In this way, you can turn them into customers with targeted email marketing even after the test phase has expired.

6. Events

Are you introvert Then you are not alone. Many sellers on the internet share this property. And the internet seems ideal for avoiding the fear of speaking in front of groups.
However, it is worthwhile to step beyond your own shadow and take an active role at events in your industry. No contact on the Internet is as convincing as actually seeing and hearing you live. If you're struggling, set yourself a goal that you can measure: go to one event per month and talk to at least two people you don't know on each occasion.

7. Live chat

62% of customers prefer to buy a product when live support is available. If you don't offer this option, many potential leads can leave your website without even leaving their email address.

8. Upgrades for your content

Do you use e-books and other lead magnets to motivate your site visitors to give you their contact details? Then you should think about trying something new instead of a “one offer for all” solution.
Check which of your blog articles are accessed particularly frequently and offer an upgrade of the content for download at the end. By offering additional information on a topic that the reader is already interested in, you increase the chance that they will provide their email address.

9. Interviews

An interview with other experts in your industry can be valuable and interesting content for your blog. The better known the interviewee is, the more visitors the interview will attract to your website.
Don't just go for the name, but also for a suitable topic. Those who will visit your website for the interview should match your target audience so that your offerings appeal to them.

10. Cold calling

Cold calling is frowned upon and unpopular. However, it works when done correctly. So instead of relying on reaching potential leads online only, pick up the phone. Since hardly anyone counts on it, you have an advantage here and can differentiate yourself from your competitors.
It is important that you come up with a plan. Don't just call as many companies as you can. It's better to prepare fewer calls thoroughly. Find out about the companies and analyze how you can help them with your offer.
tip: Make the secretary your ally. It decides whether your call is forwarded or not. So don't just be nice and polite, ask her directly if she can help you.

You don't have the time? Take them!

You really want to get more leads, but your day only has 24 hours that are already full? Then find a way to free yourself up time. You need leads for your future business success, so invest time in lead generation.
That doesn't mean you have to try all of the points at once. Rather concentrate on two or three and really give it your all instead of half-heartedly wanting to dance to too many weddings. After a while, evaluate whether they work for you and adjust your strategy. Since every business is unique, there is no silver bullet that works for everyone. These 10 ways to find leads will give you promising directions, but the fine-tuning is up to you.