What is Archer's Paradox

The art of shooting correctly and with the right bow

We had already presented the original video here. Today we made the file for the subtitles available to the developers. Let's be surprised if they use them. So that you don't have to wait so long, you can of course take a close look at the content here and now. It is phenomenal what they have considered and brought into their development. In any case, I will soon be walking more often with the bow. The prospect of the following extensions such as poison, acid and incendiary arrows is also very exciting.

We don't yet know whether we will create a German version for the video. We'll first wait to see whether the devs will use our subtitles and then decide whether we want to make this effort.

But take a look for yourself. Here, exclusively for the Scumwolrd.de community, the translation of the original soundtrack. For a better orientation we have roughly divided according to topic. However, the order corresponds to the original sound:

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Hi, my name is John Dick!

I know we haven't really spoken in a while. Last year I was buried under a bunch of strippers and beers during important research, I just want you to know that I've missed you. But no worry! My goal is to make this developer blog better.

We will talk about the ancient art of archery. The ability to use bows and arrows invented by cowards who didn't have the balls to face their enemies in battle.

The arches

First, let's show you the bows you may come across in the game, the first is the improvised bow, or long bow when it is relaxed, it is completely straight. It is also the largest bow. Due to its profile, it is not difficult to string it with a string. This lovely treat from a man is holding a recurve in his hand. When not cocked, it arches away from the archer. It is noisier than the longbow because the tendon and limbs are in direct contact. However, the curved limbs make it smaller and more powerful than a longbow of the same size. The last one is a modern compound bow. It is a modern version of the traditional arches. It uses a pulley system that reduces the load on the bow. This makes it easier for the archer and makes it easier for him to shoot accurately. The part of the bow that you hold is called the riser. That is called the middle part. Both recurve and compound bows have this middle section. This allows the arrow to be fully aligned with the string; a truly centered shot allows the center of the arrow to be launched right through the centerline of the bow. The arrow on the improvised bow, on the other hand, is offset from the center line of the bow. This means that when the arrow leaves the bow it has to go around the middle part.

The archer's paradox

That brings us to what has been called the archer's paradox. Paradox is a phenomenon in which two or more things of contradicting nature are involved. For example, like our buddy Errol here, who managed to squeeze into his beautiful tights. If you look at it from above, you can see it. The target, bow, and tendon are perfectly lined up; the arrow is pointing slightly in a different direction. But after letting go, the arrow finally hits the target. How is that possible? The secret lies in the flexibility of the arrow. After letting go, the arrow is pushed by the cord in the direction of the bow and begins to bend. When the arrow is bent, it builds up load energy until it finally snaps in the opposite direction and leaves the bow. This means that the arrow actually bends around the bow as it travels towards the target. The archers' paradox is the phenomenon where you have the bow between the arrow and the target. But the arrow manages to bypass the bow and hit the target exactly. If you examine the arrow's trajectory, you will see that in the air, like a large pink dildo, wiggles literally bend in both directions, spinning towards the target for the entire trajectory. How much the arrow will bend around its axis in the air is determined by the factor of the arrow's stiffness. Look at it from above. Note the two different curves. When these two curves cross, they create junction A and junction B. If you connect these two knots you get the direction the arrow is going ... and that's very unfortunate for the adorable little bunny here. It didn't listen to its mother and regularly left its class to steal Easter eggs. He thinks he's safe just because the arrow isn't pointing directly at him. Lesson learned too late.

The compound bow

Let's look at the compound bow. The lever system makes it more energy efficient than other arches, but it takes a lot of force to put it under tension. These arches are smaller than traditional arches. So you can put them in large backpacks. But they are also very sensitive to bumps. The compounds are the strongest bows in the game. The good thing about the compound bows is that they can be upgraded with accessories: single pin / multi pin visors or tendon mufflers and even different types of stabilizers. All of these accessories will improve the performance of the bow. Somehow you can see the difference between a compound bow with and without stabilizers. See how it works. The bow on the right is much more stable and allows the player to get a more accurate shot. One of the main advantages of the compound is that it has a head start over the traditional bow when you cock it. The draw weight becomes less afterwards. The archer Holds significantly less weight than the top weight when fully pulling; it is only 30% of the maximum pull of the bow. The weight on full pull while waiting for the shot makes this task a lot easier. [Music]

The ability to draw the bow depends on your character's strength and archery skill. If the draw weight of the bow is too great, you will not be able to pull the compound. But you will still be able to use the traditional bow. Sometimes 75% strength and dexterity is enough for a bow to be fully drawn, which can be enough to save your life. However, if you find a bow that you just cannot use because you are too weak or your bowing skills are insufficient, there is a solution to that too - all you have to do is find a toolbox and adjust the cams to get the ideal draw weight for you. For your character, however, this only works for the compound bow. The traditional bows have fixed draw weights that cannot be changed. When you make an improvised bow it is automatically adjusted for the ratio of your archery skill and strength. If your strength drops by chance, you will no longer be able to use the bow.

The arrows

Now let's look at the types of arrows that can be found in the game, the simplest being wooden sticks with no fletching. They are easy to make from branches and are best used with arches that have low draw weights. If you look at the stiffness of these arrows, they are very soft. If you use them with bows with a heavy draw weight, they will fly slightly to the right. Next come wooden arrows with fletching. These are the same as the previous arrows, only that the springs give them more stability in flight. The wooden arrows will most likely break off if they hit something hard; feathers can be found near chicken coops and trees. They are also believed to be found on birds. Metal and aluminum arrows are stiffer than wooden arrows and they are more durable. They are best used with bows that are medium draw weight. One disadvantage of metal arrows is that they can bend. This will affect your trajectory. The last ones are carbon arrows. The carbon arrows are the most durable and the stiffest. It is best to use them with bows that have a high draw weight. You can also use them with traditional bows, but because of their stiffness they will fly a little to the left when fired with a weak bow.

The rotation of the arrow is absolutely critical to how well your bow will work. If the arrow is not well tuned, you will not be able to hit reliably when you shoot; depending on the stiffness, the arrows will fly to the left or right of the target point. The stiffness is affected by the maximum bow draw weight and the length and tip weight of the arrow. The game simulates the rotation of the arrow, but we have temporarily disabled that until we add arrow tuning support. Once we do, you will be able to tune arrows and perform trick shots. For example, shooting behind corners. But it is important to know that any flight path except the straight one has a massive loss of energy and leads to poor penetration of the arrow. Scum has the most realistic ballistics there is. The same rules are applied to the arrows and if the flight path is set correctly, the target is always penetrated vertically. No matter if the arrow has fletching, is not stiff enough or two weeks afterwards. Through the fletching we hit the target with a slight curve. This angle can reduce the penetration of the arrow. The whole purpose of the setup is to stabilize and fly the arrow correctly. Without the fletching there is nothing that can correct the pattern of arrow flight. In addition, strong winds have less influence on the flight curve when the arrows are raised.

The quivers

There are three different types of quivers in the game, the first two can be crafted and the last can be found. The first is an improvised quiver made of rags and branches. It can hold up to 12 arrows. The second is made of animal skin and has 2 slots for 12 arrows each, which means 24 arrows in total. The last is the military quiver and it has three slots for 12 arrows each. That means a total of 36 arrows.

The skills

The archery skill is the most important if you plan to use bows in the game. These two players have the same attributes but they have different skills. The target indicator lasts much longer with the more highly qualified character. If it disappears you have to aim yourself and compensate for it. The better your archery skills as a player, the better you can keep your bow completely under tension. To add to this time, strength is the second most important factor. Here you see two experienced archers with the same skill but different strengths. The stronger archer can hold the bow in full draw longer. [Music]

Dexterity influences the speed of reloading. Partially, the cocking speed is also influenced. Here, too, you can see the speed difference between a slow and a fast character, depending on the skills and the strength attribute of the game.

Finally here you can see the difference between minimum and maximum of what you can achieve in the game. Note that the character on the left is so weak that he can't even pull the 25-pound bow; in the end, he's not only slow but also quite inefficient. In the end, we can quickly make a comparison between weapons and bows. Let's see how these two guys perform with different weapons.

It is evident that firearms are vastly superior, although comparatively low-caliber bullets penetrate similarly to high-traction bows. It is clear - rate of fire, range, ease of use, and general manageability make firearms better. Arches make less noise, however. Once the archer has fired all the shots, he may be able to get his arrows back, and ultimately, if we add different types of arrowheads such as explosives, acid or poisonous arrowheads, the bows may prevail in a shootout. Who knows? As usual, it all depends on the situation, so - start your fights carefully!

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