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precious memories
most precious memories
DATATransfer - transfer your precious memories, movies, music and more to your new PC.
But, all of my really precious memories were made here.
With a locket you can keep precious memories close to your heart.
The CD is now broken and can no longer be read, which made us lose many precious memories.
In the meantime, the CD is broken and can no longer be read, which means we have many precious memories have lost.
Those precious memories that I yearn to forget.
When recalling the precious memories during Teacher's Fa-teaching tour in Australia, everything is as vivid as if it had just happened yesterday.
When I look at the precious memories During Master's Fa-teaching in Australia, everything is very lively, as if it happened just yesterday.
It stores all our precious memories, songs, videos and other personal data.
We all turn to SD cards for storing all our precious memories.
You can keep all your precious memories, and important work projects, safe by investing in an inexpensive computer external hard drive.
You can use it for all of your precious memories and important work projects, keep safe by investing in an inexpensive computer external hard drive.
Even though people take plenty of measures in protecting their photos, but some or the other time; they end up losing their precious memories.
Even if people take a lot of measures in protecting their photos, but some or the other time, they end up theirs precious memories to lose.
Those that came to India gifted our precious memories with surprise and beauty. I delighted in our return.
This will enable you to look back at your precious memories any time after the celebration and even print out extra copies for your guests.
So you can always access your precious memories fall back on and have a copy printed out for your guests as well.
All the precious memories and the valuable information will be gone within a blink of an eye.
13 MPcamera with depth sensor Artificial Intelligence assistanceSoftwareThe best of Android, secure and up to dateKeep your information and precious memories safe.
13 MP camera with depth sensorSupported by artificial intelligenceSoftwareThe best of Android, safe and up-to-dateProtect your data and yours precious memories.
From here to eternity. A place full of magic, beauty and precious memories.
Elgato Video Capture provides an easy way to bring those precious memories into iTunes, to edit them in iMovie, and to share on the Web.
With the Elgato Video Capture you can precious memories can be transferred to iTunes for further editing with iMovie or for sharing with others on the web.
At any LUX * resort in Mauritius, Reunion or the Maldives, guests can hire the latest equipment and transform those precious memories into photobooks, calendars or printed gifts.
In all LUX * Resorts in Mauritius, Réunion or the Maldives, guests can borrow the latest equipment and use it precious memories Turn into photo books, calendars or printed gifts.
Do the photos you take hold precious memories that you will treasure forever?
The variety of school-specific trips and the leisure activities of this small but beautiful coastal town also give you great opportunities to create precious memories the whole year round.
The multitude of school-specific excursions as well as the leisure activities of the small but fine coastal town also provide you with great opportunities to visit all year round precious memories to accomplish.
"I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st. "
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