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Official Gazette of the Canton of Glarus, 10.1.2008 - Canton of Glarus

Glarus, January 10, 2008

No. 1/2, 162nd year

Amendment of the Executive Ordinance

on energy legislation

(Adopted by the Government Council on

December 11, 2007)


The Executive Ordinance of September 4th

2001 on energy legislation becomes as follows


Art. 1 para. 1

1 The definition of terms in Article 1 of the

Energy regulation of Bunof (EnV) as well as in

Section 1 (“Understanding”) of SIA Norm 380/1

(2007 edition), as far as they are in this

Ordinance occur, analogously.

Art. 2 para. 2 let. b, c, e-h

(2 Describe the following technical standards

the latest technology :)

b. Recommendation SIA V382 / 1 «Technical requirements

on ventilation systems »,

2007 edition;

c. Standard SIA 382/1 «Ventilation air conditioning systems

- General principles and requirements »,

2007 edition;

e. Recommendation SIA 384/2 «Heat output requirement

of buildings », edition 2003;

f. SIA 380/1 standard «Thermal energy in

Building construction », edition 2007;

G. Recommendation SIA 380/4 «Electrical energy

in building construction »2007 edition.

Let. h canceled.

Art. 3 para. 1

1 The requirements for thermal protection

of buildings - with the exception of cold stores

and greenhouses - according to the SIA standard

380/1 «Thermal energy in building construction», edition


Art. 9

Electrical energy in public buildings

In public buildings which are essential

through the Canton be co-financed,

are the requirements for new buildings and conversions

to comply with SIA recommendation 380/4 (2006 edition).


This change takes effect on January 1, 2008

in force.

Called of Government council

The Landammann: Robert Marti

The council clerk: lic. iur. Hj. Dürst

Enactment of new law

about healthcare

dated May 6, 2007

At its meeting on

December 18, 2007 passed the following resolution:

1. The totally revised law passed in 2007

on health care will be effective July 1st

Enacted in 2008.

2. As of January 1, 2008, the provisions

on patient rights (Articles 40 to 52) in

Force set.

Called of Government council

The Landammann: Robert Marti

The council clerk: lic. iur. Hj. Dürst

modification of Fee tariffs

for road traffic

and shipping

(Issued by the government council

on December 18, 2007)


The tariff of July 8, 2004 for the

Road traffic and shipping will like

changed as follows:

Art. 6 No. 5

Clause 5 repealed.

Art. 8


For administrative measures in road traffic

and shipping will be fees

collected as follows: (remainder unchanged)

Art. 14 no. 1 let. a

(Fees are charged for special permits

collected as follows:

1. Special permits)

a. Individual license (within the meaning of Art. 78 ff.

VRV) CHF 50 to 2000



Published by the

State Chancellery ofCantonsGlarus

8750 Glarus

Art. 15


When withdrawing requests for a service

the service already provided

Time expenditure charged.

Art. 20

Skipper examination

Driving theory

1st category A 120.– 30.–

2nd additional examination to Cat. A,

limited to cat. D 120.– 30.–

3. Category B 120.– per hour 30.–

4. Category C 120.– per hour 30.–

5. Category D 120.– 30.–

6. Individual theory exam 120.–

7. Other categories according to

Effort 120.– per hour

Art. 21

ID cards

1. Skipper or ship's ID 60.–

2. International driving license 60.–

3. Authorization to take the skipper's examination

in another Canton 30.–

4. Change of insurance, changes

or duplicate of a skipper or

Ship ID 60.–

5. Withdrawal of Ship ID 120.–

6. Rewriting a foreign skipper's license



This change takes effect on January 1, 2008

in force.

Called of Government council

The Landammann: Robert Marti

The council clerk: lic. iur. Hj. Dürst


Department of Construction and Environment

Hunting and Fishing Department

The hunting and fishing department is cantonal

Specialist in the areas of hunting and fishing

especially for the protection of wild life

Mammals, birds and fish, their

Habitats as well as for sustainable use

the game species and fish that can be hunted.

We are looking for the Sernftal area by May 1st

2008 or by agreement one

Ranger candidate

The following tasks await you: The job

includes versatile, demanding and responsible

Tasks in wild biological,

Habitat relevant, advisory and hunting police


So that you can cope with these tasks successfully

you meet the following requirements:

impeccable repute, one successful

completed apprenticeship or an equivalent

Training, one completed in Switzerland

Aptitude test for hunters, perennial

hunting experience, high physical and psychological

Performance, driver's license

Cat. B, good IT user skills, willingness

for irregular working hours, place of residence

in the area of Supervisory area.

We offer: a practical, thorough

Training that also includes participation in the federal

Includes basic ranger course.

With very good qualifications during the

twelve month time as a candidate and one

successful completion of the training

the prospect of permanent employment as a guardian


We expect: Willingness for further training

until discarding of federal

Skill certificate for game rangers.

For more information, please contact Daniel

Dürst, Secretary of the Department, Tel. 055 646 64 03,

daniel.dü[email protected], or Ruedi Hauser, Jagdund

Fisheries administrator, Tel. 055 646 64 11,

[email protected]

If you feel addressed, please

we look forward to your handwritten application.

Please send this with the usual documents

to the personnel service of the cantonal administration,

Town hall, Glarus, Email: [email protected];



Department of Economics

and interior

Main Social Department

With the redesign of Financial equalization

and the tasks between the federal government and Cantonen

(NFA) have the Cantone additional in the IV area

To take on tasks. At the cantonal

Social Welfare Office will be the "Home Services Department"

Telephone 055 646 60 12

Fax 055 646 60 19

E-mail: Official Journal@ gl.ch

created. The “Specialist Office for Home Care” is responsible

for handicapped, children, youth,

Retirement and nursing homes.

We are looking to complement our team

by agreement one


(80 percentage of jobs)

The area of ​​responsibility includes implementation

the home supervision regulated in the Social Welfare Act

as well as the implementation of the intercantonal agreement

for social institutions (IVSE). It

inspections are to be carried out, operating licenses

to grant or withdraw from people

with disabilities and their relatives

to advise and support on placement issues,

to participate in concepts for the disabled,

at the specialist conference for disability issues

the SODK-Ost to participate as well

To create key figures for controlling and

to implement.

You have a commercial or

equivalent training with further training in

Accounting / Controlling department. A

Certificate in finance and accounting

or the like is an advantage. You are communicative and

resilient, happy to take responsibility,

work independently and appreciate the contact

fellow men.

The manager is available for further information

Social Department, Jakob Beglinger,

Tel. 055 646 67 01 or Johanna Kamm, Tel. 055

646 67 02, at your disposal.

If you are interested in this position,

we look forward to your written application.

Please address this with the usual documents

to the personnel service of the cantonal administration,

Town hall, Glarus, Email: [email protected];



Security and Justice

Cantonspolice Glarus

Our modern police corps

is looking for you as

Police aspirants

Policeman / Policewoman

Are you in a demanding job?

Interested? If so, maybe you are

our new colleague who

our team strengthened.

As an aspirant, you can ask us

- a versatile and comprehensive training

in all branches of Police service

- up-to-date salaries and social benefits

according to cantonal guidelines already

during the training period

- Further education

- Opportunities for advancement and development


Our requirements for police aspirants /

- aspirants:

- Swiss citizenship

- good school and general education

- completed, minofat least three years of professional training

(BBT) or high school diploma

- impeccable character and repute as well

pleasant manners

- minoft size 170 cm (men) and 160

cm (women)

- good physical fitness

- sense of responsibility

- Team spirit and loyalty

- Age between 20 and 35 years

- Taking up residence after basic training

in the CantonGlarus

Applications from already trained

Police officers are included in the evaluation

included. For this purpose, the federal FA as

Police officer or the corresponding SPI

Certificate requirement.

Have we piqued your interest? Desire

Our information and application documents.

Of course we are there for you

more information available. The head

Personal matters, Willy Eigenmann, give you

happy to provide information, Tel. 055 645 66 66 or e-mail:

[email protected]

You can send the application documents via

Request an e-mail or at the following address:

Cantonspolice Glarus, Head of Personnel, PO Box,


The return of the application documents

we expect no later than January 31st

2008. They should be sent to the following address:

Personnel service of the cantonal administration, town hall,


Publishing company:

Südostschweiz Presse AG

8750 Glarus

Premium reduction (IPV) 2008

General information

For the calculation and alignment of the individual

Premium reduction 2008 is from

January 1, 2008 the cantonal tax administration


The entitlement to a premium reduction is

newly determined ex officio

and aligned. It will ofhalf no registration forms

more sent because no registration

more is required.

The entitlement to a premium reduction is

based on the available data by the cantonal

Tax administration calculated and no later than

At the end of April 2008. The premium reduction

will be owed with Cantons-

and meanofexpensively charged. The

Any surplus will be paid out

cashless and to a Swiss

Payment address.

Entitlement to a premium reduction

The entitlement to a premium reduction is

ex officio checked for individuals in modest

economic circumstances, if


- on January 1, 2008 the tax law domicile

in the CantonGlarus to have

- submitted the 2006 tax return

- to a health insurance company recognized by the federal government

Pay premiums

Own entitlement to premium reductions

also have young adults in initial training,

which make their upkeep the main thing

contest independently.

No independent entitlement to a premium reduction

have young adults in one

Initial training, provided that its maintenance is for

The main thing is disputed by the parents. For

these individuals can have the parents an overall claim


To clarify whether you have your own claim

or there is an overall entitlement, will be young

A questionnaire was sent to adults. Boy

Adults in initial training who are self-employed

Make a claim, have with

the questionnaire all documents about the

earned income of previous year of entitlement

To be submitted for the year.

For eligible income below

a limit set by the government council

are the premiums of children and

Young people in training by minofat least the

Half of the respective guide premium is cheaper.

The limit amounts were set by the government council

determined as follows:

Single people: CHF 50,000

Married: Fr. 60,000.–

No entitlement to premium reductions

to have

- Persons who only after January 1, 2008

in the Canton have moved in;

- Persons subject to withholding tax who do not

Annual residence permit issued by the Aliens Police

to have;

- People who are not subject to compulsory insurance


- asylum seekers in need of support and

temporarily admitted persons in need of support

Foreigners without refugee status.

Annual standard premiums

The annual standard premiums for 2008 are

- Fr. 3132.– for adults

- Fr. 2472.– for young adults

(Born 1989–1983)

- CHF 756.– for children

(Born in 1990 and younger)

The sum of the indicative premiums of the common

taxed persons results in the relevant

Annual standard premium.

The relevant annual premium is reduced,

if they are given by the district administrator depending on the income level

exceeds the specified deductible.


The 2008 deductibles were made by the district administrator

determined as follows:

- eligible income

up to CHF 40,000.00 9%

- eligible income

up to CHF 50,000 10%

- eligible income

up to CHF 60,000 - 11%

- eligible income

up to CHF 70,000.– 12%

- eligible income

up to CHF 80,000 - 13%

- eligible income

over CHF 80,000 14%

2 Official JournalofCantonsGlarus, No. 1/2, January 10, 2008

calculation of creditable


Gross income coof 215 + 187/188/189

(the tax assessment)

+ 10% of taxable wealth code 480

- Imputed rental value code 180 or 192

- Alimony paid code 254/255

- Deductions for children under 18 years of age code 352

= creditable income

Calculation for a family with two adults

and two children:

Gross income CHF 75,000, imputed rental value

CHF 5,100, taxable assets CHF 5,000

Gross income CHF 75,000

+ 10% of CHF 5000.– CHF 500.–

- Imputed rental value CHF 5 100.–

- Alimony deduction CHF 0.–

- Children's deductions CHF 10 000.–

= creditable income Fr. 60 400.–

Indicative premium for two adults CHF 6264.–

Indicative premium for two children CHF 1512.–

Relevant target premium Fr. 7776.–

Deductible (12% of Fr 60 400.–) Fr. 7248.–

Amount of the premium reduction Fr. 528.–

Registration in the extraordinary procedure

The extraordinary procedure is used:

• if there is a significant change (by more than

30%) of the economic circumstances in

Payout year;

• if there is a significant change in personal

and family circumstances in the year of payment;

• for people for whom no relevant

Tax data are available.

Any claims are due by December 31. of

Year of entitlement by means of one from the tax administration

provided form

to assert. The retroactive assertion

one claim to a later one

Time is excluded.

Recipients of supplementary and

Social assistance benefits

- For recipients of supplementary benefits

(EL) becomes the premium reduction

paid monthly with the EL.

- For recipients of social assistance benefits

becomes the premium reduction

handled by the cantonal social welfare office.


The responsible persons are available for further information

Clerks in the cantonal tax administration

Glarus to disposal:

- Telephone 055 646 61 65 (direct dial Christine


- Telephone 055 646 61 75 (direct dial Barbara


8750 Glarus, January 4, 2008

Cantonall tax administration:

A. Treachi

Cantonsschool Glarus

Dates of the orientation evening / registration deadline /

Entrance exam

1.Orientation evening: About the high school with

Follow-up to the 6th school year as well as the 2.

Secondary class: Thursday, January 10, 2008,

8 p.m. in the auditorium Cantonsschool Glarus.

2. Registration deadline for new students /

- inside: Thursday, February 14th, 2008.

3. Entrance exam: Monday, March 17th, to

Tuesday March 18, 2008.

8750 Glarus, December 20, 2008

Cantonsschool Glarus:


Registration for the hunting course

and the aptitude test for hunters

Based on the regulations on the hunting course

of February 10, 1997 the

Hunting course 2008/2009 to tender.

Registration forms can be obtained from the department

Construction and Environment, Hunting and Department

Fishery, Kirchstrasse 2, Glarus, Phone 055

646 64 11, email: [email protected])

or downloaded from the Internet at www.gl.ch.


Registration for the hunting course is required

for candidates,

- who want to complete the hunting course;

- all or part of the theoretical

Failed the exam;

- who interrupted or joined the hunting course

failed to take one of the exams

to have.

The written registration including documents

is no later than January 31, 2008 (postmark)

to the Department of Construction and Environment,

Hunting and Fishing Department, Kirchstrasse 2,

Glarusto send.

The Department of Construction and Environment decides

based on the registrations received

about the implementation of Hunting course.

8750 Glarus, December 20, 2007

Department of Construction and Environment:

P. Friday, Lanofgovernor

Mollis municipality

Public plan edition

According to Article 27 of Bunoflaw of

March 8, 1960 over the national highways will be on

Instruction of Federal Department of the Environment,

Transport, Energy and Communication DETEC,

Bern, for the project

Redesign of the Weesen connection,

National road A3, km 162.030

from January 11, 2008 for 30 days

public plan edition carried out.

The plans can be obtained from the community office

Mollis can be viewed.

Within the application period, the Federal Department

for the environment, traffic, energy and

Communication DETEC, Bern, in writing and

well-founded objection can be raised.

8750 Glarus, January 10, 2008

Department of Construction and Environment:

P. Friday, Lanofgovernor

Changes on January 1, 2008 at

Contributions and benefits

Changes in age and

Survivors' insurance

Simplified billing procedure with the

AHV compensation office

As of January 1, 2008, the Bun occursoflaw

on measures to combat the

Undeclared work in force. There is therefore a new

Possibility of a simplified billing process

apply. This procedure is aimed

to smaller employers primarily for

short-term or low-volume employment

(Wage per employee up to a maximum

19890 francs per year and total wages

of Operation up to a maximum of 53 040

Francs per year; the wages of entire staff

must be billed using the simplified procedure

become). Registration is for everyone

Insurance companies that use the simplified procedure

includes (AHV / IV / EO / ALV / UV / family allowances),

and for withholding tax where

Compensation Office. The employer thus has

a single point of contact. The billing

and the receipt of social security contributions

and withholding tax are only paid once

per year.

Insignificant wages

From the relevant wage per employer

the amount of 2200 francs per calendar year

does not exceed the contributions

only on request of Insured charged.

Persons employed in private households

For people employed in private households

but the contributions must also be on a

low wages (less than CHF 2,200),

be paid.

Minor sideline from


Also only on request of Insured

contributions are made on an income

a part-time self-employed

Employment surveyed, the new 2200

Does not exceed Swiss francs in a calendar year.

Social benefits in the event of layoffs

operational reasons

Wages for layoffs are included in principle

the relevant wage. Excepted

are services of Employer in the event of layoffs

for operational reasons (company closures,

- amalgamation and restructuring)

as well as with a social plan up to

an amount of 53,040 francs.

Offsetting of losses

Business losses by the self-employed

can only be offset

if they are in the respective and the immediate

occurred in the previous contribution year and

have been posted.

Changes to the

Unemployment Insurance (ALV)

As of January 1, 2008, the maximum amount will be

of insured earnings in unemployment insurance

(ALV) of 106,800 francs

126,000 francs raised. On wage parts

over 126,000 francs are no ALV

Contributions levied.

Changes in occupational benefits:

Compulsory pay area

Limit amounts from January 1, 2008 for the mandatory

occupational pension:

- minofannual wages 19,890 francs

- Minimum coordinated wage 3315 francs

- Coordination allowance 23 205 francs

- Upper limit of Annual wages 79 560 francs

Changes in disability insurance

(5th IV revision)

The 5th IV revision will take effect on January 1, 2008

Force. Among other things, this will create new instruments

to promote inclusion and

socio-professional integration introduced. in the

The focus is particularly on early detection

and the early intervention as well as the integration measures.

The aim of early detection is to identify people who

interrupt their work due to illness or accident

and where there is a risk of disability

is to be recorded as early as possible.

A person who during minofat least 30 days

was incapacitated continuously or within

short absences repeated one year

should be reported to the IV office. Authorized to register

are the insured person or their statutory one

Representatives working with the insured person

family members living in the same household,

the employer of the insured

Person, the attending physicians,

the social and private insurance companies involved

as well as social assistance. The insured person

must be informed of the report.

The aim of early intervention is, if possible

to intervene quickly to protect a person

to maintain existing jobs or put them in

to incorporate another workplace. Quickly

measures taken should help to prevent

that the state of health continues

worsened. In particular, the following are eligible:

- Adaptation of Workplace

- training courses

- job placement

- career guidance

- Social professional rehabilitation

- employment measures

The integration measures serve the

Preparation for professional integration.

The 5th IV revision also looks different

Incentive measures for employers, which

the integration of health impaired

To promote people into the labor market.

This is specifically the induction grant

and compensation for

Increases in contributions to daily sickness benefits insurance

or occupational pension, which

triggered by the illness of an employee

become. Finally, employers can too

be financially compensated, which

agree to health impaired

To keep people busy and this

make it possible to take part in integration measures.


The supplementary pensions for spouses from IV

Pensioners will be paid as at 31.

December 2007 repealed.

The career bonus (increase of average

Income by a percentage

Surcharge for disability before completion of

45th year of age) for pensions of the IV, which from

will not be awarded on January 1, 2008

granted more.

The amounts of the

Pensions and helplessness allowances from IV

stay unchanged.

Change of responsibility

In connection with the redesign

of Financial equalization and the division of tasks

between the federal government and Cantonen (NFA) changes

on January 1, 2008 responsibility in the area

special training from the IV office Glarus

to the Department of Education and Culture, Department

Elementary school, Richtshausstrasse 25, Glarus.

Changes to the supplementary services

Along with the redesign of Financial equalization

and the division of tasks between

Federal government and Cantonen (NFA) take effect on 1.

January 2008 the revised bunoflaw about

the supplementary benefits for old age, survivors'

and disability insurance (ELG) as well

the revised cantonal law on supplementary benefits

for old age, survivors and

Disability insurance in force. The scope

the Cantone is on various points

affects. The main changes will be

detailed below:

Amount for general living needs

For general living needs

a uniform amount for the whole of Switzerland

(Individuals 18 140 francs and married couples

27 210 francs). The Cantone can

no longer provide for a lower amount.


It will be for the whole of Switzerland for the rent

a uniform amount introduced (individuals

13,200 francs and married couples 15,000

Francs. The Cantone can't get a deeper one

Provide more amount.

Allowance for owner-occupied property

The tax exemption is now 112,500 francs.

Depletion of assets

The consumption of assets is now for all persons

in institutions 20% of Net worth.

Personal expenses

People who live in institutions receive

a fixed amount as personal expenses

Reason for their BESA classification.

For BESA levels 0 to 2: 5448 francs

For BESA levels 3 to 4: 3636 francs

Elimination of the EL upper limits

So far, the EL upper limits have been limited

(Height of maximum amount of supplementary services).

These upper limits are now being lifted.

This is especially true for people in institutions



Every facility is now considered a home by

one Canton is recognized as a home or

has a cantonal operating license.

For the alignment of the supplementary services

is the one Canton responsible in which

the person receiving EL is domiciled

(Art. 21 Paragraph 1 NFA-ELG).

Sickness and disability costs

The sickness and disability costs

will be exclusively through from January 1st, 2008

the Canton financed.

Changes in family allowances

From January 1, 2008, the child allowance will be applicable

200 francs per month for a full workload

for eachof eligible child. Employees

with fixed part-time work you have that

Corresponding partial entitlement. The daily approach

for hourly wage employees

set at 10 francs per day and child.

Changes in family allowances

in agriculture

The approaches of child allowances for farmers

and agricultural workers

will increase by 15 francs to a new 190 francs per

Child and month in the valley area and to 210 francs

raised in the mountain area.

The income limit for farmers will be

regarding of Entitlement to child allowances

(previously 30,000 francs plus 5,000 francs per

Child) abolished, as well as the 5 francs

higher rate of child allowance from the third


Information and further information

Source: Leaflet on changes to 1.

January 2008 for contributions and benefits;

Leaflet on supplementary benefits to the AHV

and IV. Issued by the Observatory

AHV / IV in cooperation with the

BunofOffice for Social Insurance (FSIO).

These leaflets are available on the Internet at

www.ahv.ch available.

We are happy to provide you with any information

Disposal (Zwinglistrasse 6, Glarus, 055 646

67 60, email: [email protected]).

8750 Glarus, December 18, 2007

Cantonale compensation office Glarus,

IV body Glarus

Kant. Family equalization fund Glarus

introduction of Federal Land Register

for the local community Haslen

(Land register Haslen, Nidfurn,


1st call

In implementation of Article 43 of Closing title

to the Swiss Civil Code,

Article 251 of cantonal introductory law

to the Civil Code and Article 23 up to and including 27 of the district council

Regulation with tariff for

Swiss Civil Code and to