Which is safer Apple Pay or PayPal

Connect Apple Pay with PayPal - is that possible?

Stephan Wiesend

Apple Pay is very easy to use on the iPhone, PayPal is widely used. However, many users wonder whether Paypal and Apple Pay cannot be combined.

EnlargePayPal and Apple Pay would be a great combination
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PayPal is a widespread payment version and is available in countless shops and online services. Recently, you can even connect Google Pay - Google's payment system - to Paypal and use it to make contactless payments in many shops. The background is that PayPal provides a so-called virtual Mastercard. These can be linked to Google Pay - and contactless payments can be made in any store that supports Mastercard.

No Apple Pay possible

Many users therefore also ask for a possibility to combine Paypal with Apple Pay. After all, the service is one of the most popular payment methods that can be used to buy music, films and apps in stores. So far, however, this has not been possible in Germany.

In addition to credit cards and numerous banks, you can also select the PayPal competitor Klarna in the PayPal system settings, but not PayPal. However, Klarna also provides a full Visa credit card, the so-called Klarna Card.

Are there any advantages to paying with PayPal or Apple Pay?

Compared to a bank transfer, Apple Pay and Paypal have advantages, so the transaction is carried out much faster. While a merchant often only sends the product when the money is received, products are sent immediately.

The advantage of Apple Pay is the good support of the system and the support of contactless payment processes. In many shops, you just have to hold your iPhone up to the payment terminal; when shopping in a web shop, a payment can be conveniently confirmed via TouchID and FaceID. PayPal often requires confirmation in the web browser via the website or your own PayPal app. For purchases in a shop or pizzeria, it is occasionally possible to pay by QR code, but these are rather few shops and more laborious than paying with Apple Pay.