Why is good nutrition important for athletes

Healthy nutrition for athletes

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Athletes should pay attention to a healthy diet according to the general recommendation. This means that you should eat a balanced whole food diet with enough fruit, vegetables and salad, little meat and a lot of fish.

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Make sure you eat your last meal, which should be high in carbohydrates and protein, at least three hours before your workout or competition. If possible, do not exercise when you are overly saturated or hungry. To avoid a "hunger low", you can use light, high-energy snacks such as bananas or muesli bars during longer training sessions.

It is also important for athletes to drink enough, as they lose a lot of fluid through sweating. This loss of fluid should be compensated for with tap water, mineral water, fruit juice spritzers or tea. High-performance athletes also consume isotonic drinks, which, however, are of no benefit to popular sports. Food supplements are also unnecessary and do not improve athletic performance. Athletes can usually get enough nutrients through a balanced diet.
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