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This article is about the cat. For the animal from which cats were bred in previous versions, see Ocelot. For the old cats before the full version 1.14 see cat / before 1.14.

The cat is a passive, tamable creature that is modeled on the real house cat.

Properties [edit]

  • Cats come in eleven different variants that differ only in their appearance but not in their behavior: the black and white cat (Tuxedo), the red tabby cat (Tabby), the gray cat (Siamese), the white cat, the calico cat, the British shorthair cat, the tabby cat, the panther cat, the Persian cat, the ragdoll cat and Jellie.
  • Cats follow the player who tamed them (their "owner") and roam around him. They stay in the overworld when the player moves to another dimension. However, they can be pushed into a nether or end portal.
  • If the distance to the player is greater, cats teleport to him (see section Teleporting).
  • If their owner hits them, cats will not fight back or run away.
  • Cats also perceive their owner when he is invisible.
  • Cats can be attracted and fed by raw fish. This can cause them to mate (adults) or to grow (kittens) (section Propagation).
  • Cats usually avoid hazards like lava and even chasms, although they are immune to fall damage.
  • Cats chase and chase chickens and rabbits wherever they come across, even through a fence or door. To do this, they assume a crouched position and slowly approach them. The chicken or the rabbit will not flee until it is attacked.
  • Cats have a deterrent effect on creepers and phantoms, although they do not attack them. They also hiss at phantoms. Therefore, being around cats offers some protection from these monsters.
  • Domesticated cats generate a death report for the owner in case they die.
  • When the player goes to sleep and the cat is nearby, it will lie down on the player and purr. This is not the case if the cat is sitting on a block (see section below).
  • It may be that the cat brings the player a "gift", consisting of an item, in the morning, provided the player has slept. This can be a feather, a thread, a rabbit paw, a rabbit fur, rotten meat, raw chicken or even a phantom skin.
  • Cats are immune to fall damage, but still avoid falling down cliffs high enough to normally take fall damage.

Sitting [edit]

Cats can use the als Use / place configured button (by default by right-clicking). Then they stay in their current position until they are clicked again with the key for Use / place to be made to stand up. If a cat is sitting, it can no longer teleport to the player. However, if she is pushed into the water in this state or is damaged, she stands up and follows the player again. If the owner is injured by a monster, a cat gets up immediately but does not take part in the fight. Immediately after being tamed, cats always sit.

In addition to the targeted sitting down by the player, cats also sit independently on specific blocks. These are closed chests, burning stoves and the footboard of beds. The mentioned blocks must be in an 8 × 8 area around the current position of the cat and be at the same height or up to two blocks below it. Once a cat has settled on one of these blocks, the player can no longer make it stand up in the usual way. However, she gets up immediately when he holds a raw fish in his hand. However, if the cat is pushed off the block, it will stand up immediately, but in most cases will return to it quickly. If the block changes by destroying it or, in the case of the stove, going out, the cat gets up too. For the cat, only the block on which it has chosen to sit is relevant. If she is pushed onto a neighboring block that cats would otherwise also sit on by themselves, she still gets up. She can also choose to leave her seated position and move away from the block. If a cat sits on a chest, it will be blocked for the player as long as the cat is on it. If it is a double chest, both halves can temporarily no longer be opened. However, the presence of a cat has no effect on the use of stoves and beds.

Appearance [edit]

From left to right (without Jellie):
Tabby, Black, Red, Siamese, British Shorthair, Calico, Persian, Ragdoll, White and Panther.
The unused, tamed, tabby, gray cat texture in the Bedrock edition.[1]

Although they share the same model, cats are visibly smaller than ocelots. There are currently 11 skins cats can have, including Jellie, the YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar's cat, selected by the community in a Twitter vote[2]. The current skins are:

In the standard resource package for the Bedrock Edition there is a texture file for a tamed gray tabby cat. However, it is completely unused and cannot be generated in the game.

Like tamed wolves, tamed cats have a collar. The color of the cat collar can be changed with the help of dyes.

Tame [edit]

Tamed sitting panther.

Stray cats can be tamed with raw cod or raw salmon. Once tamed, the cats will follow the player who tamed them. They are no longer afraid of players and purr or meow frequently. Like wolves and with the same boundaries, they can teleport to a player moving 12 blocks away. Players can make cats sit by pressing the "Use" button on them, and they will also sit on certain things by themselves (see below).

Cats sit on a bed.

If you don't tell them to sit, the cats won't stay still for long and prefer to explore the player's surroundings.

Cats who are not seated will attempt to get horizontally on chests, the bottom of beds, or active ovens on the cat's current Y plane, within a 4 block radius square. They will also often assume a sitting position without command from the player. Only chests become unusable with a cat sitting on them, even double chests. Cats often sit near boats, falling into a trap. Cats that sit alone do not get up on command, but get up when the player holds a fish nearby. The cat can also be brought down by removing or pushing the block off. A cat will not attempt to sit on these blocks if it is on the first floor (part of the floor) or if there is a block above them.

A cat sitting near the player, if the player is harmed by an enemy creature (or by careless use of a noxious potion, but not environmental damage), will stand a few blocks from its seat and move and then sit again so that the player has to put the cat back in place.

Teleport [edit]

If the distance to the player exceeds the distance of 12 blocks, the cat teleports itself close to the player. This not only makes traveling easier, it can also save a cat from a predicament, such as if it fell into lava. Sometimes, however, teleporting puts a cat in a dangerous or even fatal position. The player can also be endangered by cats suddenly appearing in his path, for example when he is on the edge of lava.

Teleport cats Not, if:

  • the player has instructed the cat to sit. A cat sitting in a charged chunk that is injured can still teleport.
  • the cat is tied to a fence with a leash
  • there is no place for the cat around the player. At the edge of a 5 × 5 × 1 block area around the player, there must be at least one solid block with a transparent block above it.
  • the player is in another dimension. The cat waits at the portal unless it is pushed into (a nether or end portal). But she can teleport into a portal.
  • the cat is in an unloaded chunk. This can happen, for example, if the player leaves the Nether through a more distant portal, he appears at a more distant spawn point after his death, or he travels quickly through the world in a boat or a cart.
  • the cat is sitting in a cart.
  • the cat is in the water

Spawn [edit]

Main article: Spawn

Natural occurrence [edit]

Cats naturally occur as strays in villages and swamp huts. The black cat spawns only in swamp huts.

Swamp huts and black cats

Only black cats spawn in swamp huts. These can be tamed and thus become trusting.

Villages [edit]

Wild stray cats spawn every minute (every 1200 ticks) as soon as there is at least one village

  • 1 villager and
  • has at least five beds.

One cat is spawned in the village for every 4 beds. The maximum is 10 cats, so 40 beds

The spawn point is selected as follows:

  1. First, a random player near the village is chosen.
  2. This player then chooses a random location within a radius of 8-32 blocks.
  3. If this location is less than 2 chunks away from a village with fewer than 5 cats, that is the new cat's spawn point

Maximum number of tamed cats [edit]

There is no limit to the number of tamed ocelots in Minecraft's Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The console edition has a maximum of 16 cats per world.

Increase [edit]

Livestock breeding gives an overview of the reproduction of all animals.

Two cats with a newly bred kitten.

Feeding a raw fish (Bedrock Edition: Raw Cod and Raw Salmon only) puts adult cats into mating mode, indicated by ascending hearts. Any two cats approach each other, face each other (also through a fence) and after a short time a kitten appears with them. The player receives 1-7 experience points for this. The kitten has the same coat color as one of its parents. After 5 minutes, the parents can be made ready to mate again.

A cat can be fed by any player, the owner does not change. Mated cats can also be from different owners. The kitten is usually assigned to the player whose cat was most recently put to mate.

Kittens follow the player like adult cats and can be put down with a right click. They hunt chickens and drive away creepers, but move a little faster than adult specimens. It takes 20 minutes (one Minecraft day) for a kitten to become fully grown. This period of time can be shortened by 10% of the remaining growth time per feeding.

Morning cat gift

NBT data [edit]

  • cat has the object ID "cat"
    • General object properties
    • General characteristics
    • General creature traits
    • General mating characteristics
    • CatType: Cat type: 0 = mackerel, 1 = panther, 2 = red, 3 = siam, 4 = british shorthair, 5 = calico, 6 = persian, 7 = ragdoll, 8 = white, 9 = jellie, 10 = black
    • CollarColor: The color ID for the color of the cat collar. Not visible in wild cats. Value range: 0 to 15. The default is 14 (red).
    • Owner: The UUID of the player who owns this creature.
    • Sitting: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the creature is sitting.

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Adventure, exploration and combat Kill any creature or get killed by any creature
A joke to throw away
Throw your trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is a bad idea.
Monster hunterHit any creature with a trident
Target exercises
Shoot something with a bow and arrow Monster hunterHit any creature with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Progress is also achieved using spectral arrows or effect arrows.
The chickens and the flowers
Raise two animals Agriculture

Propagate one of these animals at least once:

Bee, donkey, fox, hoglin, chicken, rabbit, cat, Cow, llama, mule, moss room, ocelot, panda, horse, sheep, turtle, strider, pig, wolf
New with version 1.17: axolotl, goat.
Other mating animals, if any, do not count towards this advance.
In pairs
Increase all animal species! The chickens and the flowers

Propagate all of these animals at least once:

Bee, donkey, fox, hoglin, chicken, rabbit, cat, Cow, llama, mule, moss room, ocelot, panda, horse, sheep, turtle, strider, pig, wolf
New with version 1.17: axolotl, goat.
Other mating animals, if any, do not count towards this advance.
A complete hangover log
Tame all types of cats! All best friends

Tame this 11 Cat species:

Tabby, Black, Red, Siamese, British Shorthair, Calico, Persian, Ragdoll, White, Jellie and Panther.
Other cat species, if any, can be tamed but are not counted.

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
Where did you hang around?Receive a present from a tamed cat in the morning.The gift must be picked up from the floor.20Gbronze
A thousand pawsMake friends with twenty stray cats.20Gsilver


  • Jeb had a cat named Newton who gave the black and white cat texture.[3]
  • In contrast to Minecraft, real cats were domesticated by African wildcats that mainly inhabit savannahs.
  • In real life, cats are known to land on their paws due to the righting reflex during falls, especially longer ones, which reduces fall damage, although they can still be injured upon landing.[4] This fact is reflected in Minecraft as they take absolutely no fall damage.
  • At MINECON Earth 2018, Jeb announced that the community could vote for a 9th cat skin to be added with the rest of the other 8 cat skins. As a result, GoodTimesWithScars cat Jellie won the contest and was added in the Village and Pillage update which is the second mob variant suggested by the community, the first being "Toast" which is a rabbit skin.
  • The white cat fur appears to be based on the Khao Manee, a rare breed of cats originating in Thailand.

Gallery [edit]

  • Jeb's cat is similar to the black and white cat in Minecraft

  • An ocelot and several cats

  • Three of the species of cats as babies

  • Cats sit on stoves, beds, and chests

  • A cat is lying on a bed.

  • The new cats in the Bedrock Edition

  • A complete list of cats excluded Jellie.

References Edit]

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.2
  • Cats added, they can be obtained by taming ocelots with raw fish
  • Five different new cat sounds
Full version 1.2.4
Full version 1.2.5(1.2.5-pre)
  • Cats no longer sit on chests, stoves, and beds as often
  • Cats move more
Full version 1.6(13w16a)
  • Can be leashed and tied to fences
Full version 1.7(13w36a)
  • Raw salmon, clown fish, and puffer fish can all be used to mate cats
Full version 1.8(14w02a)
  • If kittens are fed raw fish, they will grow out in less than the usual 20 minutes
Full version 1.9(15w38a)
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID has been changed from "Ozelot" to "ocelot"
Full version 1.14