How is backpacking

Is Backpacking Right For Me?

Plunge into adventure and travel around the world with your backpack, that sounds great! But again and again the question arises is backpacking right for me?

What is so great about stumbling around a country or even traveling the world with a backpack on your back? And am I even suitable for it?

Here the answer:

This type of travel is suitable for the adventurous.

Backpacking is a trip only with a backpack, often without luxury. Backpackers usually do not stay in one travel destination.

Okay, so traveling with a backpack and without luxury. But why do you do that?

There are many good reasons why backpacking is great, but of course there are also small downsides. Find out more here! In the following I have listed a few reasons for you to decide.

I will also show you the downsides of backpacking. In order to finally decide whether backpacking is right for you, I have shown you the difference between package holidays and backpacking. After that, you will definitely know whether you are in the mood for adventure or would rather go on a package holiday. Have fun while reading!

Tip: More interesting questions at the bottom! Is backpacking dangerous? And where does backpacking originate?

Decision-making - is backpacking right for me?

First you have to know that you as a backpacker renounce the great luxury have to - at least in your luggage! First of all, you can't fit an infinite amount of stuff in your backpack and, secondly, you have to be able to lug your backpack.

For the girls, that means no high-heeled shoes and great little dresses, just put on make-up what you need, hair dryer, curling iron and so on ... it doesn't all fit in your backpack and you don't need it either. The guys are usually more straightforward, but only take what you need with you.

To get an insight into everything that belongs in a backpacking rucksack, here is a great link for youhttps: //

If you have money, you can of course throw away your money as a backpacker for all sorts of bells and whistles. Think of jungle tours, boat tours, visits of all kinds, eating, drinking, parties and much more.

However, you will most likely not find a backpacker in the same all-in hotel for 3 weeks.

So why backpacking?


Backpackers go out without booking and planning everything beforehand. A backpacker wants to enjoy this freedom. So you decide spontaneously how long you want to stay where.

Sounds great, but of course it's not always stress-free. Because traveling in countries outside Europe often takes a long time, especially if you are using the cheapest means of transport. Once you have reached your destination, you may have to find cheap accommodation.

Get to know the country and its people better

One of the main reasons why backpackers go out and not go on holiday in an all-in hotel is to get to know the country and its people.

As a backpacker you come around and will therefore end up in remote villages. There you can go out to eat at markets or in well-worn spots. You can experience the people, their language, their delicacies, the culture and their traditions up close. If you are lucky, you will even be invited to dinner by locals.

Making contacts made easy

As a backpacker you will make contacts very quickly for various reasons. That brings with it the type of travel alone.

You will always meet people at the bus stop or on the ferry, in the hostel or on a tour. And somehow the backpackers with rucksacks like to chat to each other. Be it to ask for advice or to get some travel tips.

Backpacking gets you back on the ground again

Because you cannot carry luxury with you, you will have to put on the clothes that you have with you. Eternal hair styling with the hairdryer, painting nails and so on - all of that is eliminated! The good thing about it is that you save an incredible amount of time!

But in third world countries in particular, you won't miss any of that too much. On the contrary - would you like to groan among all the locals walking barefoot and wearing dirty, shabby clothes with shirts or high heels?

Certainly not, that is not only embarrassing but can even be dangerous. So you are also safer from robberies if you adapt a little bit externally!

Backpacking also has its downsides

Not everyone likes this type of travel, because backpacking can also be really exhausting.

Travel from A to B

Of course, if you want to see something of the country, you have to move from A to B. And as already mentioned, it can sometimes take a long time. Outside of Europe, the transport links are often very poor. In addition, there are the road conditions. A bus can easily travel for 4 hours for 100 km.

... and you can write off the German punctuality anyway


Sleeping in a hostel is also not suitable for everyone. 10 men in the room and one snores ... or bed bugs ... plum toilet and cold shower ... that can of course all happen.

If you want to be on the safe side, you just have to pick up a few more bucks - as a backpacker you are not obliged to sleep in the hostel.


Lug your rucksack instead of rolling your suitcase. Yes, that too can be quite exhausting. Of course, the backpack has a lot of advantages on a backpacking trip! Or do you want to drag your hard case through the waist-high sea into the boat?

And of course, limiting yourself to the bare essentials is not suitable for everyone.

The difference between backpacking and package holidays

If you still don't know if now Backpacking is the right thing to do A little comparison of a backpacking holiday and a package tour might help you.

travel book

The difference starts with the booking. When you book a package tour, it usually includes:

  • Train to the airport
  • Flight to the travel destination
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • Half board, full board or all inclusive
  • Transfer back to the airport
  • Return flight
  • train ride

A backpacker, on the other hand, usually only books his flight to the destination country. If a backpacker decides to go on a 4-week backpacking holiday in his travel destination, he will probably also book the return flight ticket or you often have to have one, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter.

If you have the opportunity to travel longer or even plan a trip around the world, often only the one-way flight is booked. All other flights or the return flight at some point will then be booked on site.


The next difference is the accommodation. Package travelers are in the same hotel for their entire vacation. The suitcase can be unpacked on arrival and the clothes are neatly in the closet for the rest of the holiday, just like at home.

You have your cleaning lady, your bed is covered, your towel is changed, toilet paper is refilled, the shower is warm and the toilet is European.

Backpackers, on the other hand, are rarely in the same hotel for several weeks. Everyone does it a little differently, of course. But mostly they travel from one place to another. So it can happen that you spend the night in a different place for several days in a row.

There are many backpackers who want to save on their accommodation, so they sleep on the night train or bus. Hostels, i.e. shared rooms (with strangers), are also popular. Here you can of course sleep much cheaper than in a hotel.

But backpackers can also find shelter in a more private and still quite cheap place in bungalows or pensions or similar.


While the package holidaymaker wakes up early and first goes to breakfast, maybe booked lunch and dinner or even all-in….

the backpacker usually has to take care of his own food.

Of course there are also cheap accommodations that offer breakfast or something. Most backpackers don't want that at all. It can also be very nice when you can choose where to dine.

As a backpacker you can of course not only drive better in terms of culinary delights. Many backpackers want to feast with the locals or eat at the market. However, very few countries have hygiene regulations. There is also a higher risk of developing diarrhea.

Different types of backpacking

Whether now Backpacking is the right thing to do you can best judge yourself. Do you just want to chill on the beach and maybe take a trip? Don't you feel like cooking or dining somewhere else every day on your vacation? Then a package holiday is probably the most relaxing thing for you.

If you want to see something of the world and want to have a more free and flexible vacation, then a backpacking vacation is definitely worth considering.

Backpacking doesn't mean scruffy, smelly and coping with 10 € a day!

After all, every backpacker can do what he wants!

There are backpackers who haggle over every penny on everything - some might have to because they would not be able to travel otherwise, others want it that way. But live and let live - so please do not exaggerate, especially in third world countries, people are struggling to survive!

Other backpackers never sleep in a hostel and sometimes take a taxi.

Everyone does backpacking differently, but what all backpackers want is flexibility. For many backpackers, a package holiday is just too boring. You want to get to know the country and its people and experience something.

Other interesting questions

Finally, I clarified a few more interesting questions for you. Did you like the article? If so, we look forward to positive feedback in our comment function and, of course, we are always happy to give you thumbs up

Is backpacking dangerous? It depends in which country you are traveling. Countries like Iran, Venezuela or Pakistan are considered to be rather unsafe travel countries. Thailand and Vietnam are considered relatively safe countries. More information here: https: //

Where does backpacking originate? Backpacking has its origins in the hippie movement in the 1970s. Young people from the Anglo-American region began this type of travel. Backpacking should be an alternative to mass tourism. More information under the following link: https: //öden


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