Which is better HubSpot or Constant Contact

11 + 1 marketing automation tools for SMEs in comparison

Whether social media, content marketing or SEO: in times of digital marketing For you as an entrepreneur, it is no longer just the classic advertising channels that play an important role. Especially if you have a Omni-channel strategy pursued or Inbound marketing you have to keep your finger on the pulse and face the coordination of numerous new marketing tasks.

But how do you bring order into the chaos of the new advertising jungle?

The solution is: Marketing automation!

The current trend topic in the field Digital marketing aims to make your Marketing tasks and processes to unify, measure and - as the name suggests - to automate. With efficient marketing automation tools, you save valuable time that you can invest in carrying out your core business.

In order to make it easier for you to decide on a tool set tailored to your business, in the following article we will provide you with the 10 most interesting marketing automation tools in front - including an additional low-budget alternative.

1. Friendly Automate - The SME-friendly alternative

Friendly Automate is the SME-friendly solution for getting started with marketing automation software. The young startup was only founded in February 2020 and was able to convince the first companies shortly after it started. Friendly is based on an open source solution from Mautic.

The strengths of the marketing automation software clearly lie in the conception of automated workflows and lead scoring. E-mails and campaigns can be easily created with a builder. It is also possible to create landing pages, forms or personalized banners. The tool is the logical next step from a standard newsletter tool such as Mailchimp.

The intuitive, usable marketing automation tool is associated with comparatively low investments. The monthly costs for are based solely on the number of contacts at 99 euros per month. The Functions are identical in every package, which makes it even more charming.

If you are looking for an SMB-friendly solution, Friendly Automate is a serious alternative. As a partner agency, we will be happy to put you in touch and provide a free trial period.

2. HubSpot - customer acquisition made easy

HubSpot is also valid in its German version as the Marketing automation tool par excellence. The focus of HubSpot is on the Generation of leads, the acquisition of new customers as well as the Increase traffic on your website.

Classic channels such as SEO or content marketing can be found in the extensive platform as well as modern tools for optimizing the conversion rate. As a strong inbound marketing tool, HubSpot also offers support in the creation of useful content such as white papers or case studies as well as the creation of landing pages. On your online dashboard you always have an overview of the activities of all marketing channels and can easily plan or evaluate them.

The efficient marketing automation tool is associated with investments. The monthly costs for HubSpot can be tailored to your needs and vary depending on the extent of use 180 euros and 2100 euros per month. The Basic function includes tools for content creation and optimization as well as email marketing and analysis tools. With the Premium account In addition to the basic functions, you benefit from personalized workflows or tools for customer care. The Enterprise access contains additional sales reports, custom auto triggers, event reports or lead scoring.

If you are looking for an "all-in-one" marketing automation tool that will support you as an SME in attracting new customers, HubSpot is perfect for you. The high license fees are justified, but only recommended above a certain range of activities.

3. Jumplead - inbound marketing at the push of a button

The goal of the popular marketing automation tool Jumplead is, the visitors to your website in Leads to transform and then as a paying customer to the Encourage buying.

The functions of Jumplead include, among other things, the entry of leads into the internal CRM system, the creation of analysis reports and the automation of all of your processes related to lead generation and lead utilization. Lead tracking, email marketing and the creation of landing pages also round off the clever tool.

And the best thing about it: For up to 200 website visitors you can jump lead completely free use! Depending on your needs, you have the option to upgrade your account to Premium upgrade (up to 20,000 website visitors). Here you have to pay a cost of approx 180 euros per month calculate.

If inbound marketing plays an important role in your company and you want a reliable helper for the organization and utilization of your leads, Jumplead is the marketing automation tool of your choice.

4. Pardot - B2B marketing and sales always under control

At Pardot - a subsidiary of Salesforce - the Increase your sales in the foreground.

The Marketing Automation Tool supports you in continuously improving your engagement through CRM integration (standardized CRM interface), lead nurturing, ROI reporting, lead scoring and email marketing. Pardot is also available in different versions:

  • The Basic access includes functions such as email marketing, lead tracking, email rendering preview, spam analysis and lead evaluation. It costs around 1100 euros per month.
  • The Premium access provides you with features such as A / B testing for emails and landing pages, an interface for Google Ads and API access with a marketing calendar and social profiles. The costs for the Premium Account are approximately 2200 euros per month.
  • You can get other sophisticated functions, such as user-defined target integration, telephone customer support or the assignment of customer roles, for around 3600 euros per month.

If your company lives from sales and you want to optimize your sales cycle and sustainably increase your sales, the slightly higher investment in the all-round package from Pardot is definitely worthwhile.

5. Active Campaign - profitable communication for your business

At Active Campaign it's all about that Communication with your customers. Regardless of whether you want to be available via email or live chat: The cloud-based marketing automation tool supports you in the automation and personalization of your messages.

Active Campaign's attractive features include:

  • Email Marketing - With just a few clicks you can send appealing e-mails tailored to your customers. Active Campaign uses the customer data stored in the CRM platform for precise, smart messaging.
  • Sales automation - Active Campaign organizes your customer data and efficiently drives your business forward thanks to a sales CRM.

Active Campaign is available in the versions Lite, Plus, Professional or Enterprise. The basic version Lite enables you to send unlimited personalized emails and newsletters for converted 8 euros per month. Active Campaign plus extends your campaigns with functions such as sales automation and costs around 44 euros per month.
The professional Version amounts to monthly costs of about 116 euros and contains, for example, additional website notifications and the option of attribution (identification of touchpoints and events in the customer journey). Active Campaign Enterprise As a complete package, it includes all the advantages of the Professional tariff, which are supplemented by additional elements such as designs, telephone support or free social data. The exclusive version is available for around 207 euros per month offered.

If customer communication is the be-all and end-all for your company, you also want to build meaningful connections and benefit from many features at a relatively low price, then you should opt for Active Campaign.

6. Constant Contact - effective e-mails in no time at all

Constant Contact is considered one of the best automation tools in the field of Email Marketing. With this ingenious solution, in addition to the classic processing of emails, you can also use automatic replies. Thanks to sophisticated interfaces, you also have the option of integrating Facebook advertising, coupons or other deals into your messages.

The prices for Constant Contact are calculated according to the Number of contacts: up to 500 contacts cost around 10 euros per month, from 501 to 2,500 contacts you have to approximately 40 euros per month spend. 2,501 to 5,000 contacts are around 58 euros, the last tariff version for 5,001 to 10,000 contacts at converted 86 euros per month.

If you are looking for a compact but reliable helper for your email marketing, Constant Contact will definitely not disappoint.

7. SendinBlue - powerful campaigns for your shop

SendinBlue is an intuitive one Marketing automation tool for the operators of JTL shops. Regardless of whether it is a newsletter, SMS or Facebook campaign - with SendinBlue you receive top support that makes your everyday marketing a lot easier. This tool automates your newsletter and uses a special SMTP service for your transactional mailings (for example order confirmations or registrations). In addition, it increases the efficiency of your customer communication as well as the purchase rate by individually adapting emails to the respective prospect after an order.

Even classic newsletter marketing (contact management, tagging, etc.) does not fall by the wayside with SendinBlue. There are 300 e-mails per day free of charge for you - the other tariffs are based on the Number of emails per month and lie between 19 euros and 49 euros per month.

If you want to run a JTL shop successfully, evaluate customer campaigns and thereby increase your efficiency, you should choose SendinBlue.

8. Drip - e-commerce experience in a class of its own

Drip is theCRM platform for e-commerce operators. According to the company, the software “closes the gap between what customers want and what e-commerce delivers”. With Drip you get a strong partner when it comes to CRM: Your customer data is collected, centrally organized and made available for all campaigns. Personalization enables you to offer your customers a shopping experience tailored to them and so stand out from your competing shops.

Thanks to an efficient multichannel system, you can reach your customers via various channels - from your inbox to Instagram. With Drip you then analyze all actions and thus sustainably improve the performance of your shop. The Prices for Drip are calculated from the number of customers you have stored in your CRM. The cheapest version is 44 euros per month.

If you want to manage your customer data intelligently and increase customer loyalty, you will definitely be satisfied with Drip.

9. Oracle Eloqua - successfully mastering multichannel campaigns

Oracle Eloqua directs its focus on that Generation of leads and supports you in segmenting your target groups as well as planning and automating your B2B marketing campaigns. The cross-channel marketing automation tool has attractive personalization functions (e-mails, videos, mobile) and, thanks to an analysis area with numerous reports, gives you valuable insights into the so-called "customer journey".

The Standard access (from 10,000 contacts) is around 3,600 euros per month rather high - but with Oracle Eloqua you get a renowned lead management tool that has proven itself on the market for many years.

If you want to address your customers across multiple channels and generate new leads without losing the overview, Oracle Eloqua is a helpful marketing automation tool for you.

10. Bizible - Tracking in a class of its own

Bizible forms the Bridge between sales and marketing. Thanks to a cross-channel tracking system, you get a detailed overview of all the key figures for your marketing campaigns. Bizible measures every touchpoint in the customer journey and helps you to identify the campaigns or channels with the highest sales and ROIs.
The data obtained are automatically standardized by Bizible, so that you have more time to react to the valuable findings.

Due to the individual application of Bizible, the Price requested directly from the manufacturer become. According to users' statements, it costs between € 450 and € 1,800 a month to use it - depending on how many accounts are to be integrated.

If you value attribution models tailored to your needs and flexible reporting, you will definitely be happy with Bizible.

11. Infusionsoft - holistic solution for SMEs

Infusionsoft is CRM, sales and marketing program in one! The cloud application brings countless features that make your day-to-day marketing easier.
With Infusionsoft you organize all work processes such as repetitive tasks or administrative management and save a lot of time. The Marketing Automation Tool has email newsletters, landing pages, analytics tools and web forms.

Here, too, the price depends on the number of contacts. The cheapest option costs around 90 euros per monthwhile the most extensive tariff on approximately 270 euros per month amounts to.

If you basically want to increase your sales and automate your marketing processes, Infusionsoft should be an interesting marketing automation tool for you.

+1 bonus: Would you like to start small first?

Our 10 marketing automation tools listed above are usually associated with a relatively high investment. But that is no reason to despair! There are also ways to get your Build individual marketing automation yourself for little money.

Use these (mostly) free tools for your personal low-budget marketing automation

  • Leadpages and Unbounce are useful "construction kits" for creating your landing page. In this way you lead your customers directly to the desired action and achieve a higher conversion rate over the long term.
  • CleverReach is a German email tool that supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. In addition to high deliverability and security of emails, CleverReach also offers you the option of automatic address cleansing - without a setup fee or contractual commitment.
  • With the HubSpotCRM Benefit from free features such as a report dashboard, deal tracking, email tracking, customer tracking, live chat and meeting planning. Another attractively priced and well-known CRM tool is Pipedrive, which is not available for free at 12.50 euros per month.
  • To connect your tools with each other and thus to give your marketing automation the finishing touches, you can Zapier use. You do not need any in-depth programming knowledge and can link your tools with one another with just a few clicks.


Marketing automation is a trend that you should deal with as an entrepreneur - especially if you scalable digital marketing want to operate. You can make the entry into the organization of your marketing campaigns very gentle and already for yourself Your own marketing automation software for less than 100 euros put together.

We hope you enjoy automating and save time!

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