Chance is an important factor in Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Blizzard takes a look at the future of the game

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That the popular online card game Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft (App of the week) not only for the GamersGlobal-Community (GG tournament), but also well received by the players overall, is proven not only by the 30 million users of the title (we reported). To keep it that way, the developers at Blizzard are working on Game Director Eric Dodds have long been working on how they keep the game interesting. However, this seems to have some pitfalls, as Dodds told the magazine GamesMaster stressed.

I want Hearthstone to be played for a long time - years if possible. There are a lot of questions that we ask ourselves internally and have to be answered. One of these revolves around adding more card packs, realizing we can't do that forever. And here we have to find solutions to ensure the health of the title in the long term. However, the team is not ready yet.

So before a quick shot is fired, there should be further discussion so that "exactly the right answer is taken. [...] It is our intention to make sure that the game continues to be supported and is well positioned for the next few years", concludes Dodds from the interview, which you can purchase in various forms from the sources.

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