Which supermarkets were open on Christmas Day?

Christmas opening times: you need to know that

Despite the difficult situation, the supermarkets will be open again on Christmas Eve this year as it does not fall on a Sunday. In particular, fresh ingredients for Christmas dinner are often bought shortly in advance. Find out in the post until when you have to be in the store.

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Germany will have to survive a tough lockdown from December 16. Here you can read which special things and rules have to be observed at Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and Co.

Supermarkets also open on Christmas Eve - it does not fall on a Sunday

This year you should be on your toes when shopping for the last groceries and gifts. Christmas Eve 2020 falls on a Thursday and the two Christmas days accordingly on Friday and Saturday. It is worthwhile to buy a little in advance, as the shops will be closed for three full days after Christmas Eve.

  • As a rule, all shops are open until 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve. This also applies this year and especially for the supermarkets. In flower shops or at the Christmas tree seller, you can, if necessary, buy Christmas arrangements or a leftover Christmas tree shortly before the shop closes.
  • However, you shouldn't put off buying gifts to the last minute. To what extent the other stores are open or not cannot really be predicted due to the current situation. Therefore, it is better to take care of gift ideas early on.
  • The respective owner decides whether and how long the individual shops will ultimately be open. This can of course close earlier or exhaust the legally permitted deadlines. A notice in this regard can usually be found in the shop in good time.
  • Special rules apply to shops and supermarkets near train stations, airports or ferry ports. These are allowed to be open until 5 p.m.
  • Petrol stations are allowed to open around the clock, but they don't have to. Emergency pharmacies have of course also set up an emergency service around the clock over the Christmas period. You can find out about the pharmacy on duty via a notice in your local pharmacy, on the Internet or in local press releases.
  • As a rule, many federal states hold a Sunday shopping on the last Sunday before Christmas. In this case, the shops are allowed to open their doors from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Please refer to the public announcements made by the shops or current press releases to find out whether or where a pre-Christmas Sunday open for sale is allowed this year.

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In the next post we have put together some gift ideas for you that do not cost anything.