What does Exodus 4 24 26

Why did the Lord fall upon Moses?

After God gave Moses at the end of his 40 years of training with the sheep of his father-in-law from the burning bush to lead his people out of Egypt, after he had introduced himself to them as “I am who I am” after he had assured him that he would be with him after he had given him every necessary authority and had dispelled the many misgivings on Moses' side with infinite long-suffering, only one thing was missing to qualify Moses for his mission.

Before he could become the channel of divine power, he first had to prove loyalty in the small circle for which he was responsible - in his family. Obedience comes before strength. This shows us the short story in Exodus 4: 24-26: “And it happened on the way, in the inn, that the Lord attacked him and tried to kill him. Zippora took a sharp stone, cut off her son's foreskin, and threw it at his feet, and said, You are a bridegroom of blood to me! Then he let go of him. At that time she spoke "blood bridegroom" because of the circumcision. "

For whatever reason, Moses neglected the circumcision of his son. So there was still something to be "cleared up" between Moses and God before he could go to Pharaoh with divine authority. God wanted to give him glory, but there was something else in his house that dishonored God. Why were the sons of Moses not circumcised? Why was the sign that speaks of killing the excesses of our sinful nature absent from his family? Was it his wife? It would seem, because she had to perform the act that she obviously hated. But God's actions were directed against Moses as the person responsible in the family! That's a principle with God.

So Moses' qualification consisted of two parts: divine authority and personal fidelity. The two should not be separated from each other. Because we separate these two things too often, our service is often so weak. It is not enough to have the word of God in your mouth if we do not put its power on our own souls. On the contrary: the more routinely we speak the word of God without applying it to ourselves, the more our own conscience will harden and our service will be damaged.

But the Lord did deal with Moses, reminding him of his failure, and leading him back on the path of obedience. So the power of God could work through him unhindered.

(After Edward Dennett)

Marco Lessmann

Source: www.bibelstudium.de/articles/3273