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Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

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14 (Yuno of the first world: 14-16)



Middle school student

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died (1st world)

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Yuno Gasai (我 妻 由 乃,Gasai Yuno?) is a classmate of Yukiteru Amano, who starts to stalk him. She is in the survival game Second and owns the "Yukiteru Diary".


Yuno Gasai is a young and attractive girl with light skin, pink eyes and long pink hair, which she wears in four pigtails. She has a very feminine build, which is why she has a lot of admirers at school.

Her clothing varies a lot, but she often wears short skirts and knee socks with it.


Yuno has a very complex and sometimes contradicting character. At first glance, she looks like a friendly, naive girl. In fact, she is extremely intelligent and also uses this facade to achieve her goals.

She is genuinely in love with Yukiteru, whom she is loving Yukkii (ユ ッ キ ー, Yukkī) has been calling since he promised her to marry her in the future and to look at the stars with her. She regularly stalks him with the help of her diary. If someone tries to get close to him or to injure him, Yuno reacts very aggressively and does not hesitate to attack or even kill that person.

Because of the countless abuse by her parents in the past, Yuno is extremely unstable psychologically and often goes nuts. In this state, their personality changes from being nice and friendly to being brutal, cold-blooded and murderous.

Her character resembles a split personality. Normally she is a nice and sweet girl, but when someone comes too close to Yukiteru she is furious, jealous and afraid for her "loved one". And when it comes to protecting Yukkii, she has no problem killing anyone.

Equipment and skills

Yuno is an excellent fighter who seems to be familiar with all types of firearms and stabbing weapons. If she fights with all her strength, she can hardly be stopped. Her diary is the Yukiteru diary, which informs her every 10 minutes about what Yukiteru is doing. Yuno's appearance is a great asset in combat, as she is often underestimated by opponents. Her body is very well trained and can take a lot, which makes her a tough opponent. She protects Yukki in battle.



Yuno is the daughter of a wealthy banker couple, albeit an apparent one. It is later revealed that Yuno was adopted by them. One does not find out who her birth parents are. Her father never had time for the family because of his work, her mother became depressed because of this neglect by her husband and took this out on Yuno by locking her in a dog cage if she made the slightest mistake or misdemeanor. As a result of the constant abuse, Yuno became mentally unstable and one day, in the hope of understanding, she locked her parents in the cage themselves. When they showed themselves unreasonable and even insulted Yuno, the shock caused her to forget to give them food and so they starved and died.

However, Yuno continued to chat with them and managed to hide their death from the rest of the world, but their home was cut off due to unpaid bills. One day when she had to write down what she planned for the future at school, she had no answer. As a result, she and Yukiteru had to stay after class. When she saw that he didn't know what to write either, she suggested that he write: "I will marry Yuno." Yukiteru agreed and promised her that when they were older he would take her as his wife. In this way he gave her a reason to live and from that day on she secretly stalked him.

The beginning of the survival game

Yuno is presented as the school idol: beautiful, popular and an absolute model student. During a test, she suddenly looks at Yukiteru, who is cheating on the test with the help of his diary. Shortly afterwards she begins to knead something out of clay. When the class teacher asks her about it, she replies that it is a concentration exercise. At the end of the lesson, she waits until Yukiteru discovers her figure, who is an exact copy of Murmur, and then confronts him about his diary. When Yukiteru gets scared and flees, she follows him with the help of her diary and intercepts him in the elevator at a construction site. When he panics and tries to attack her with a dart, she kisses him and says that she will not allow that.

She tells him about the survival game and about her "Yukiteru Diary" which tells her every 10 minutes what Yukiteru is doing and also that it would have predicted his death by the third person, Takao Hiyama. She then prevents this future by letting the elevator go to the roof, thus preventing the third party from attacking Yukiteru. Once there, she explains that although the diaries are weapons, they are also the greatest weakness of a diary owner, since if you destroy the diary, you kill the owner as well. When Hiyama arrives on the roof, Yuno distracts him so that Yukiteru can destroy his diary with a dart throw.

Later, the diary owners gather in front of Deus Ex Machina, who explains the rules of the survival game to them. When Yukiteru later remains alone in the Cathedral of Causality, Yuno promises to protect him, no matter the price.

The attack of the ninth

"Die! Die! Die! Anyone who tries to take Yukki away from me should die!" - Yuno while randomly activating bombs.

After texting him 40 years, Yuno is looking forward to meeting Yukiteru again. When he approaches her after the lesson to ask her for help with the survival game, she tells him that she is now doing sport and asks him to wait. In the locker room she notices from the entries on her cell phone that Yukiteru is in trouble. When he is unmasked by Minene Uryu, she is immediately back and tries to kill her with a fire extinguisher, but she does not succeed. Shortly afterwards, she saves Yukiteru from the first explosion. Yuno promises Yukiteru that she will always protect him. Afraid of death, the latter agrees so as not to have to die and the two kiss. They later sneak through the building, using their diaries to avoid most of Minene's bombs. Even so, they accidentally get caught in a booby trap. But they survive, and Yukiteru begins to complain about his activity as an observer. Yuno reveals to him that she has been watching him for a long time and convinces him that all teachers and students at the school are his friends. He believes her and together they manage to escape to the other side of the school. There, however, Yukiteru is captured by some of his classmates, including Ouji Kousaka, and taken to Minene.

Yuno is taken to one of the classrooms, where she watches as Yukiteru slowly becomes desperate and realizes that she has lied to him. She swears to protect him, flees from her kidnappers and runs across the school, causing the bombs scattered in the corridors to explode. She jumps out of one of the windows and tries a surprise attack on Minene, but she fails. At this point, Kurusu Keigo, the fourth, suddenly appears in the yard to help Yukiteru. Yukiteru runs towards Minene and, with Yuno's help, bypasses the mines spread around the yard. When Minene kicks Yuno down, Yukiteru is on his own, but still manages to avoid the last mine, retrieve his diary and injure Minene in the eye with a dart. However, Minene uses her diary and escapes on a motorcycle.

A little later, Kurusu founds the Future Diary Alliance, consisting of him, Yukiteru and Yuno. When Yuno reads her diary shortly afterwards, she sees in it that she and Yukiteru will have a happy ending on July 28th, i.e., get together.

The cult of the sixth

Yukiteru and Yuno visit, at Kurusu's request, a nearby amusement park to lure Minene out of the reserve. Yuno and Yukiteru spend the day together un Yukiteru discovers that Yuno seems to have a normal side after all. Yuno finally wants to visit the Plantearium, which Yuki refuses and so the two get into the Ferris wheel. Yuno asks Yukiteru about his strange behavior and reminds him of their mutual promise to become married and look at the stars together, much to Yukiteru's shock. Then she kisses his forehead.

Later, Yukiteru accompanies Yuno home. She asks him to wait in the dining room and goes into the kitchen to peel an apple for him. When Yukiteru accidentally discovers the room with the corpses of her parents, her diary suddenly lights up brightly and her "happy ending" with him disappears. Sadly she asks him why he only opened the door and says that everything could have been so beautiful. Yukiteru flees home scared and locks himself in. Yuno follows him and wishes him good night through the mailbox slot.

The next day Kurusu appears at Yukiteru's house to pick him up, but when Yuki tries to tell him about his discovery from last night, Yuno suddenly appears behind the inspector's car and asks Yukiteru not to tell "what happened last night. Kurusu suspects." of course immediately that there was something private between the two of them and gets into the car while Yuno smiles innocently at Yukiteru. Yukiteru, still on his guard, sits on the front seat, but is stared at by Yuno continuously during the whole journey. Kurusu explains that Minene Caught overnight by the Omekata sect led by priestess Tsubaki Kasugano, who is said to be able to foresee the future, they agree to meet the priestess to take Minene into custody.



  • Yuno Gasai is named after Juno, the Roman goddess and wife of Jupiter. Like her namesake, Yuno is extremely jealous when a girl approaches Yukiteru.
  • Yuno's "Yandere Trance" at the end of the first episode became an internet meme that many users edited to look like the faces of countless characters from countless series.
  • In both openings it is implied that Yuno murdered himself.
  • Yuno has had a lot with Bullseye Daredevil in common, both abusive parents have, both tried to kill their parents, are skilled in firearms and gunsmithing, and are murderously violent.
  • In the English dub, Yuno Yukiteru gives typical American nicknames (e.g. Sugarbear or Sweetie.)
  • Yuno was present as a participant in the International Saimoe League 2012.
  • According to the manga, she also lives with Yukiteru in four other worlds.
  • Yuno is known as the "Yandere Queen".