Which countries start with the letter K.

There are 19 generally recognized states on earth, which in our spelling begin with the letter K or can be assigned to the K. A correct answer to a question about a country with a K at the beginning would be:

countryLong form of the state nameCapitalLocation, continentpopulation
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaPhnom PenhSouth East Asia16.5 million
CameroonRepublic of CameroonYaoundéCentral Africa28 million
CanadaCanadaOttawaNorth America38 million
Cape VerdeRepublic of Cabo VerdePraiaWest africa550.000
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanNur-SultanCentral Asia18.6 million
QatarState of QatarDohaArabian Peninsula2.7 million
KenyaRepublic of KenyaNairobiEast Africa47.5 million
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz RepublicBishkekCentral Asia6.5 million
KiribatiRepublic of KiribatiSouth TarawaOceania120.000
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaBogotáSouth America50.3 million
ComorosUnion of ComorosMoroniEast Africa, Indian Ocean760.000
Congo KinshasaDemocratic Republic of CongoKinshasaCentral Africa102 million
Congo BrazzavilleDemocratic Republic of CongoBrazzavilleCentral Africa5.3 million
North KoreaDemocratic People's Republic of KoreaPyongyangEast asia25 million
South KoreaRepublic of KoreaSeoulEast asia52 million
KosovoRepublic of KosovoPristinaSoutheast Europe, Balkans2 million
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaZagrebSoutheast Europe, Balkans4 million
CubaRepublic of CubaHavanaCaribbean11.3 million
KuwaitState of KuwaitKuwait CityArabian Peninsula4.2 million

Which country ends with the letter K?

In the German spelling, the following five generally recognized states end with K:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Iraq
  • Kyrgyz Republic
  • Mozambique
  • Central African Republic

Regions, provinces and states with K

In our neighboring country Austria lies the federal state in the south, bordering the states Slovenia and Italy Carinthia.

Three states in the USA are written in our notation with a K at the beginning. That would be in the far west of the "Golden State" California with the capital Sacramento, the "Sunflower State" Kansas with the capital Topeka and the "Bluegrass State" Kentucky with the capital Frankfort.

In the south-east of England lies the traditional county, known from ancient times Kent.

In Russia, several oblasts, regions and autonomous republics can be found with K.

The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the North Caucasus with the capital Nalchik. The "amber country", the oblast Kaliningrad with the capital of the same name (formerly Königsberg) in northwestern Russia. The Republic Kalmykia with the capital Elista in southern Russia. Central Russian Oblast Kaluga with the capital of the same name. The region in the very east of the country Kamchatka with the capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Republic Karachay Cherkessia in the North Caucasus with the capital Cherkessk. In the north-west of Russia the republic bordering Finland Karelia with the capital Petrozavodsk. And the Siberian Oblast Kemerovo with its capital of the same name.

Do you know of other regions, provinces, states, etc. with a K?
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