What are some creative breakfast foods

Healthy breakfast for children: tips & recipes

What belongs on the breakfast table?

Wholesome, balanced and fresh - this is how breakfast should be. But what should you put on your plate in the morning? The ideal breakfast for children consists of a combination of:

  •     Whole grain cereals, like bread or cereal
  • Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables
  •     Dairy productssuch as milk, yogurt, quark or cheese
  •     liquid, such as water, herbal and fruit tea or juice spritzer

A combination of these mentioned foods ensures that your child can start the day full of energy. The following principle applies: the fewer additives the food contains and the more unprocessed the product, the better.
If possible, sugar should be avoided in a healthy breakfast for children. Because sugar leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, which fall again at least as quickly. The result: your child becomes sluggish in the morning. In addition, children are hungry again within a short period of time and then tend to eat unhealthy foods. However, that does not mean that children should never have something sweet for breakfast. The beloved nut nougat cream or a toast with fruit spread are okay every now and then. However, it should remain an exception and not become a habit as part of the diet.