Can someone adopt me I'm 17

Adoption of an adult

An adult can only be accepted as a child if the Morally justified assumption is. This is particularly to be assumed if a parent-child relationship already exists between the adopter and the adult.

In addition, a justified concern exist (e.g. the desire to have an intimate bond legally manifest through adoption). Economic reasons (e.g. the handover of a company or a cooperative apartment) can also be decisive.

Between the adoptive child and the adult adoptive child - if there is already a close relationship such as that between birth parents and children - there must be one a household community lasting at least five years.


It is generally possible to accept a foreign national of legal age. Your citizenship remains unaffected, i.e. he / she does not automatically become Austrian.

Foreign adults can only be adopted if the intended adoption is also legally permitted under their home law.

Since January 1, 2016 is an age difference of at least 16 years between the adoptive and the adult adoptive child not necessary anymore. The adoptive parents must, however older than to be the adopted child.

If you need more information, please contact the competent court.

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