Trump is being blackmailed

Cyber ​​criminals claim $ 42 million
Donald Trump is supposed to help cyber criminals

Cyber ​​criminals claim $ 42 million from US law firm

Donald Trump will too
indirectly blackmailed.

Cyber ​​criminals published a message to the law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks (GSMS) on a portal in the dark web. It will announce a release of files.

Previously it had apparently succeeded
the firm's systems
with a ransomware too
infect and steal files.

Then the files were encrypted in the network.
The firm's clients include, among others,

Madonna, Lady Gaga and probably Donald Trump as well.

The law firm has confirmed the incident and the blackmail attempt.
Accordingly, the hackers first demanded $ 21 million.
Because the lawyers have passed the seven day deadline
left or in the meantime
offered only $ 365,000 ransom
the claim was doubled to $ 42 million.
In addition, an archive with 2.4 GB of data was published.
Among other contracts for concerts, TV appearances
and merchandising by US singer Lady Gaga.

Now the hackers are also threatening to publish files,
the information about the US President Donald Trump should contain.

There is an election campaign going on
and we have to match
a ton of dirty laundry

Mr Trump, if you want to stay president, tease the boys
with a pointed stick, otherwise you can forget about her ambition forever.
And we can tell the voters that they are looking for a
Certainly no longer want to have such a publication as President.
Well, let's leave out the details. The deadline is one week ",
it says in the new message.

It is now to be hoped that the law firm will not pay and that the data will be published.
This “fake news” could certainly be interesting.Source ZDNet

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