What do you think of your parents

What are you grateful to your parents for?

In the new Video series "And what do you think?" ask the Psychologists Stefanie Rietzler and Fabian Grolimund Young people all about school, parents, friendship and the future. In the new episodes, they wanted to know from the youngsters what they were for your parentsgrateful are and what a good friendship matters.

Interviews: Stefanie Rietzler & Fabian Grolimund

What do young people appreciate about their relationship with their parents? Which values ​​are important to you? Perhaps the film also offers you an impetus to investigate this question in your own family?

What are you grateful to your parents for?

What is a good friendship?

What makes a good friendship for young people? What do you think makes a good friendship for your children? Be amazed at how they answer these two questions.

For the new film series «And what do you think??» Developed by the psychologists Stefanie Rietzler and Fabian Grolimund in collaboration with the Parenting Foundation, young people between the ages of 13 and 18 make themselves heard and answer questions about school, parents, friendship and the future.

All episodes at a glance:

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