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Is family a feeling, a perception, or a fixed concept of kinship? We asked around and asked what family could be.

Since the understanding of family is constantly changing, we happened to approach people in Berlin on the street and ask what family means to them. We received five very exciting answers:

André, East Westphalia: “For me, family is a firm hold, security, a feeling of togetherness. It means tradition but also the future. For me, family includes my children, my wife, parents and grandparents. "

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Christine and Christoph, Magdeburg: “For us, family means first and foremost cohesion. You feel at home even when you are in a different place. As long as you're with your family, you're somehow always at home. With family, we first associate both of us and the little ones. The parents are of course also part of it. The others tend to run into close relatives. "

Sabrina, Rathenow: “I associate it with children, love, partnership and solidarity. Sometimes when you love each other, children also arise. (laughs.) I have four of them. You are the most important thing to me, along with my relationship. "

Annett, Berlin-Friedrichshain:"... great luck!"

Cornelia, Berlin: “I associate the term“ family ”with being there for each other and spending time together. That is also very important to me. My husband and I have four and three siblings respectively, so we are very much part of our families. The cohesion in our family corresponds to what I consider ideal. "

What does family mean to you? Feel free to write us a comment below the post! We're glad.

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