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Side effects of anabolic steroids

There are numerous case studies and self-reports on the psychotropic effects of anabolic steroids, but only a few studies carried out according to scientific standards.

The results can be summarized as follows:

Psychotropic effects occur especially at high doses of the Anabolic steroids (above the therapeutic doses). During the abuse of anabolic steroids, there can be positive (euphoria, sexual excitability, readiness for energy) as well as negative changes (irritability, mood swings, readiness for violence) in the mood.

Likewise, negative influences are on cognitive factors as described as memory performance and ability to concentrate. Almost all authors report behavioral changes in the direction of increased aggressiveness, and several case studies link serious violent crimes with anabolic steroid use. In recent studies, attention is drawn to the potential addiction potential of anabolic steroids, which manifests itself in depression after discontinuation of anabolic steroids.

The extent of the psychotropic effects of the anabolic steroids should depend not only on the dosage, the structure of the anabolic and the duration of use, but also on the personality structure of the abuse (basic aggressiveness, mental illness, simultaneous alcohol and drug abuse) and the environmental conditions (stressful situation, group pressure, consequences on behavioral changes).