What is the most dangerous biker gang

Nine dead in Texas bloodbath | These are the most dangerous rockers in the world

The rocker massacre in a restaurant in Texas: At least 150 men from five different clubs stabbed each other and shot at one another - nine bikers are dead!

Waco (USA) - Three clubs that were involved in the shootout have been identified so far: The Bandidos, the Cossacks MC, and the Scimitars MC.

Bloodbath in the parking lot

The Cossacks were founded in Texas (USA) in 1969 and have been enemies with the Bandidos for at least two years. Reason: Curtis Jack Lewis, president of the Texas chapter of the Bandidos, is said to have stabbed two Cossacks rockers. He was arrested in 2013. The Scimitars are friends with the Cossacks. Little is known about this club, only so much: Both together have fewer members than the Bandidos ...

The cossacks and scimitars are small fish in the rocker pond, which doesn't make them any less aggressive. The Bandidos are well-known heavyweights - with a long criminal record ...


► Bandidos

Founded in Houston, Texas (USA) in 1966, the second largest "one-center" club in the world, more than 3000 members, more than 210 chapters worldwide (90 in the USA). Arch enemies of the Hells Angels (USA, Europe) and Rock Machine (Canada). The rivalries, mostly for territorial supremacy, claimed dozens of lives: Hells Angels members were deliberately executed, in Scandinavia from 1993 to 1997 the raged great rocker war with the Hells Angels (including bazooka attacks). Eleven rockers were killed. Murders in Australia too, bombings in Canada.

Notorious: Donald Eugene Chambers (1930 to 1999, nicknamed "Mother") was its founder. The Vietnam veteran drove the club's expansion in the United States. Was hired in 1972 for the murder of two drug dealers who used Bandidos baking soda instead of Meth / Crystal. Chambers and two Bandidos had dragged the dealers into the desert, had their own graves dug, then shot the men and burned the bodies.

► Hells Angels

The largest club, founded by war veterans in Fontana, California, USA in 1948. Worldwide estimated up to 6000 members (including candidates), around 400 charter in almost 50 countries worldwide - tendency rising. They also have cult status outside the scene. Mainly involved in drug, arms and women trafficking, also extortion of protection money and smuggling. Fight to the blood with other clubs and are archenemies of the Bandidos.

Legendary: Ralph "Sonny" Barger (born 1938. He drove the expansion of the Hells Angels in the USA and later worldwide: He standardized the patch, is considered a cult figure, established binding internal club rules (wife of a "brother" is taboo, Motorcycle is compulsory, no “niggers” in the club etc.) Barger was convicted several times for possession and trafficking of drugs (cocaine, heroin), was in jail for years - also because of a planned bomb attack on a clubhouse of enemy rockers.

► Rock Machine

Country of origin: Canada. The gang fought a bitter rocker war with the Hells Angels in Canada in the 90s (160 dead). It was about the drug market there. Then the Bandidos incorporated the club, founded in 2007, many chapters also in the USA and Australia, 2010 expansion to Europe. The hostility is said to have been pacified in the meantime.

► Rebels

Founded in Australia, the largest gang in the country: 70 chapters, more than 2,300 members. Active mainly in drug trafficking (meth, cocaine, heroin) and in drug production (meth, speed). Considered the greatest criminal threat by the Australian authorities: members or supporters have also been arrested in connection with murder, kidnapping and extortion. Offshoots in around 20 countries. Enemies of the Hells Angels.

► Gypsy Joker

Are considered brutal and dangerous in both the USA (founding country) and Australia. Members are believed to have been responsible for a car bomb attack on a senior retired police officer - apparently an act of revenge by the rockers after one of their members was shot. Business areas: drugs (cannabis, meth), weapons. Dozens of chapters around the world. Enemies of the Hells Angels.

► Pagan's

Just under 300 members - but according to the authorities one of the most dangerous gangs in the USA. The structures and business areas are based on those of organized crime, as are its allies. Like their Mafia role models, the rockers use some support clubs for their drug and arms smuggling activities.

The Pagans are said to have close ties to the Italo Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood, a circle of white neo-Nazis. Pagan's rockers are repeatedly associated with bomb attacks and assassinations - they are bitter enemies of the Hells Angels. Several members on both sides have been killed over the past two decades.

► Vagos

Founded in California (USA) in 1965, notorious in the USA. 4000 members (estimated) coordinate drug smuggling from Mexico to the USA - but the club also produces (meth) in its own laboratories. The rockers are said to have repeatedly targeted police officers and authorities: The headquarters of an anti-gang unit should be blown up in 2009 (only partially worked, no injuries), a year later car bombs were also placed under police vehicles (did not detonate) . The investigators compared the methods at the time with "urban terrorism". Also on the kerbholz: kidnapping, murder of rivals.

► Mongols

Founded in 1969 by Latin American Vietnam veterans in Montebello (California, USA) who were not accepted by the Hells Angels due to their origins. With only around 1000 members (the numbers vary from 600 to 1600 depending on the source), they are significantly smaller than the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Bandidos, but sometimes just as unscrupulous. In 2008, dozens of US members were arrested for drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and conspiracy to murder after an undercover cop infiltrated the gang. Form alliances with Latino street gangs in the US, especially in Southern California.

► Outlaws

Founded in McCook, Illinois (USA) in 1935. Almost 3,000 members in the USA, plus 2,000 in Europe. Mainly involved in drug smuggling from the USA to Canada. Operated across North America drug smuggling rings (meth, amphetamine, cocaine etc.). Ex-President Taco Bowman went to prison in 1999 for three murders. Enemies of the Hells Angels: In Belgium, several rockers have been killed on both sides since the beginning of 2000.

► Sons of Silence

The Sons of Silence MC is next to the Hells Angels, Bandidos, Outlaws and Pagan’s one of the five most dangerous rocker clubs in the USA, but has only a few hundred members worldwide. Mainly active in drug trafficking (marijuana, cocaine, meth) and arms trafficking as well as prostitution and human trafficking. Don't shy away from murder either. Allies of the Hells Angels.

► Satudarah

The motorcycle club is originally from Holland - there they fought bitter battles with the Hells Angels in the past. The Bandidos, on the other hand, call them their friends. According to investigators, Satudarah controls drug trafficking and the red light scene in the Netherlands. Are now out of the window in Germany after their ex-president unpacked as a key witness in court. Still on course for expansion in Europe.

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