NDTV is a bootlicker of Congress

'Yes (Biden is) the legitimate president': House GOP Whip Steve Scalise | ABC News

When the US Supreme Court refuses to hear all election fraud cases brought to it by various parties on their merits, it only shows that it has been highly compromised or corrupted, together with the 3-letter agencies of the Executive Branch and the two houses of Congress, by the Deep State, the mainstream media, Big Tech oligarchs, the big international banks and multi-national corporations, and foreign governments (China, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy and Serbia) that hijacked the November 3rd election to get rid of Pres. Trump, who stands in the way of the NWO globalists ’planned imposition of a tyrannical One World Government ruled by them. These NWO globalists installed the fraud president Joe Biden to further weaken our economy by reversing all that Pres. Trump had done; open the gates to illegal immigrants and refugees (despite 7.8 million Americans are still living in poverty) to cause chaos in our streets and put a heavy strain on our housing, schools, healthcare, hospitals, social services, and law enforcement; and cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline Project that killed the 11K or so high paying American jobs, undermining our energy independence. We need the US Military to take over NOW and bring back the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, strengthen our National Security, and protect and defend our Constitution and save our Republic from these treasonous Marxist forces hell bent on destroying this country.

Luther Steinboch2 months ago