Are you a secret eater


From one day to the next from meat eater to vegan. Not possible? Katharina Wawretzka from Augsburg did just that. Here you can find out how she has fared, what her blog is all about and why it is sometimes better to do things in silence.

Seven years ago, Katharina first read the word “vegan” on Facebook. Your friend had shared a vegan cookbook on social media. Katharina has always been interested in new trends and therefore did a little research on the topic. "Then I realized that eating meat and animal products is really unbelievably bad for the environment."

When she started to eat vegan from one day to the next, she also started her blog vegan from now on. There you will find recipes and tips for a vegan life. “In the beginning it helped a lot to read blogs about how others do it. And back then there weren't many vegan blogs. So I made my own blog. I hope that I was able to help one or the other with it. "

Katharina is now also a full-time online editor for a website about vegetarian and vegan recipes. The change to a diet without animal products was not difficult, but rather interesting, as she read and researched a lot and learned a lot of new things. “It was more difficult on the way. You can easily cook vegan yourself at home, but it's not that easy on the go. Sometimes it happened that I only had one salad. Or if you want to buy something to eat at the train station, all you have left is the dry pretzel. And then you have to hope that it wasn't fried in butter. ”When you change your diet, you learn to rethink. There are no longer “main dishes” like meat and a side dish. You have to drop these categories in order for it to work.

Katharina also makes sure that cosmetics are vegan. “If there is a good vegan alternative for me, then that's great. You just have to try a lot. ”In the meantime, many shops have tested-free and vegan products with labels such as a little rabbit or a plant. The fact that being vegan has almost become a real trend makes life easier for vegans. The subject of shoes is difficult. “There are hardly any weatherproof shoes without leather. If so, you would have to order them on the Internet, and for me that has to do with convenience. I don't want to order a thousand models and then send back just as many. In addition, the shoes are then made of plastic and whether that's that much better ... That's why I buy normal shoes and then hopefully wear them until they are broken. "

Many vegans say that they feel much fitter and healthier after changing their diet. That also applies to Katharina, but for her there is another aspect as well. It was the first time she understood that we as consumers have a great influence on things. “What kind of influence you can have as a person, what kind of participation. That you can really decide for yourself what to buy and what to eat. That wasn't so clear to me before. This has really been shown in all areas. Also to pursue what you want, what you stand for. "

Opinions are divided when it comes to vegan nutrition for children. Katharina has a boy of kindergarten age herself and advocates taking it easy. Katharina's friend and father of the child is an omnivore and therefore it was agreed that her son should grow up vegetarian. At home, of course, they only cook vegan and in kindergarten there is at least vegetarian, sometimes vegan. “But you just have to keep in mind that he's a child. Children would like to try everything and he should do that too. If he would like to try a Wiener from his kindergarten friend, he should do that. You also have to leave the church in the village. However, you can tell with him that he makes a difference, because he often says that cheese belongs to dad. Children are often very fond of animals by nature. This can be seen, for example, when I walk through the supermarket with him. Then he once asked me why there were fish because they actually have to go into the water and was very dismayed when I explained to him that some people eat fish. "

It is very important for Katharina that no one should be converted by her. Because nutrition is a very sensitive topic, which is why many react negatively when someone else supposedly knows better what is good for you. "Often it is like this: People all know how bad factory farming is, why don't you manage to go without meat now. But that doesn't just have something to do with wanting, it's not that easy. That's why I often no longer say that I'm vegan. Then people are very surprised when they do notice it. They then say: But you always eat with us and you look so healthy! I never thought. In my opinion, clearing up prejudices in this way brings a lot more than just having to carry it around all the time.