What is cruelty to animals

Report cruelty to animals

If you observe that an animal is being treated or kept badly, we recommend that you first speak to the person responsible and try to inform them in a friendly but firm manner about the animal's ability to suffer.

If that doesn't help, you should immediately send a report, if possible documented by photos, to the local police authority and, if a local animal welfare association is known, inform them. It is important that the evidence is unambiguous: you must state the exact place, date and a detailed description of the animal cruelty observed, as well as the persons responsible for the crime and, if necessary, witnesses. The immediate protest on site is far more effective than wanting to change something later from home. In retrospect, it is usually impossible to help the animals effectively.

Contact Person:

Do not be afraid to ask the respective organization within the holiday country for support with animal welfare problems.

If you notice abuses that you have the impression that it is not the act of an individual, then protest against these abuses at the embassy of the country and appeal to the ambassador to use his influence against the observed animal misery . If you have decided not to spend your vacation in this country anymore due to the grievances, then you must inform your travel company of this decision. Tourism is the only source of income for these companies, so you can definitely exert an influence here.

The more often the authorities and tourism associations are confronted with complaints, the less they can turn a blind eye to the subject of "animal welfare". Even if you have the impression that the police are not taking your complaint seriously or are concerned that the embassy will not respond to your letter, you are doing a lot to ensure that animals are protected - no matter in which country in the world - cannot be hushed up.