Is fame a necessity

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Fame and eternity


[1260] How long have you been sitting

on your misfortune?

Pay attention! you're still brooding for me

an egg,

a basilisk egg

out of your long misery.

What is Zarathustra sneaking along the mountain? -

Suspicious, ulcerated, gloomy,

a long lurker -,

but suddenly, a flash of lightning

bright, terrible, one blow

to heaven from the abyss:

- the mountain itself shakes

the bowels ...

Where hatred and lightning bolt

One became one curse –,

Zarathustra's wrath now dwells on the mountains,

a cloud of weather he creeps on his way.

Hide yourself who has one last blanket!

To bed with you, you fondlings!

Now thunders roll over the vaults

now trembles what framework and wall are,

now flashes of lightning and sulfur-yellow truths -

Zarathustra cursed...


[1260] This coin with which

all the world pays,

Fame –,

with gloves I touch this coin

I kick her with disgust under me.

who want to be paid?

The purchasable ...

who for sale stands, takes hold

with fat hands

after this common tin sound, fame!

Want you buy them?

They are all for sale.

But offer a lot!

ring with a full bag!

- you strongest otherwise,

otherwise you will strengthen theirs Virtue...

They are all virtuous.

Fame and virtue - that rhymes.

As long as the world lives

she pays virtue chatter

with the clatter of glory -,

the world lives from this noise ...

Before all the virtuous

I want to be guilty

to be called guilty with every great guilt!

Before all glory horns

my ambition becomes a worm -,

under such a lust for me,

the Lowest to be...

This coin with the

all the world pays,

Fame –,

with gloves I touch this coin

I kick her with disgust under me.


Quiet! -

Of great things - me see Big! -

one should be silent

or talk big:

speak big, my delighted wisdom!

I look up -

there roll seas of light:

o night, o silence, o deathly silent noise! ​​...

I see a sign -,

from the most distant distances

A constellation slowly sinks against me, sparkling ...


Highest star of being!

Eternal sculptures panel!

You come to me? -

What no one has seen

your mute beauty -

how? does she not flee from my gaze? -

Shield of necessity!

Eternal sculptures panel!

- but you know it:

what everyone hate

what alone I love:

- that you forever are! [1262]

that you necessary are! -

my love ignites

eternally only focus on necessity.

Shield of necessity!

Highest star of being!

- that no wish reaches

- that does not stain no,

eternal yes of being,

forever I am your yes:

because I love you, oh eternity! - -[1263]