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Make Money On The Internet - More Than 20 Income Sources!

Earning money on the Internet is not that easy for beginners. On this page you will find the best sources of income for blogs, websites, forums and small niche sites, as well as practical tips for making money online.

I now earn more than just a full-time income with these sources of income and have been able to completely stop my customer business. I only live on the income from my blogs and websites.

Below I list the best sources of income that you can use to make money and build an additional income online.

earn money on the Internet

Bloggers and website owners now have a lot of opportunities to make money on the Internet. In recent years I have had a lot of experience with the following sources of income and have tested a lot to find out how I can best earn money on the Internet.

That's why I'm going to introduce you to more than 20 tips and go into the respective advantages. You will also find out whether you can earn money with it.

Affiliate Marketing | YouTube | Rent links | paid items | AdSense | Advertising | Products | Social networks

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, i.e. referring customers to online shops, you can generate very good income. If you have an established blog, product recommendations go down well because readers trust you.

I have been using affiliate marketing for more than 15 years and over time my income has multiplied. I currently earn around 4,000 euros per month with partner programs, which makes it the most profitable source of income for me.

In this online course * you will find out how you can learn step by step yourself to generate income with affiliate marketing.

For me, the best affiliate networks with which I have had good experience and earn a lot of money are:

  1. AdCell *
    Affiliate network with many exclusive partner programs from the business sector and a number of lucrative lifetime partner programs.
  2. SuperClix *
    Over 700 affiliate programs, all of which offer instant activation. Adult programs and other interesting niches can also be found here.
  3. AWIN
    The largest German affiliate network (previously it was called Zanox) with many well-known companies, brands and products.
  4. Belboon
    Interesting affiliate network with many exclusive partner programs. Very good backend and very easy to use.

And I have also had very good experience with these partner programs and generated income online:

  1. Amazon affiliate program
    Probably the largest and most successful partner program in the world. Millions of products and very good conversion rates. My favorite affiliate program.
  2. Check24 partner program *
    This partner program offers lucrative commissions in the area of ​​gas, electricity, DSL, credit and insurance comparisons.
  3. partner program *
    Up to 80 euros per lead, i.e. referred prospects! Great affiliate program for insurance and credit.
  4. Ryte partner program *
    A very good SEO tool, which is becoming more and more popular in Germany and offers good opportunities for affiliates to earn money.
  5. Xovi Affiliate Program *
    You can earn good money with the mediation of the Xovi SEO tool. I've been using it for years and I'm very happy with it.


  • Participation in affiliate networks and partner programs is completely free.
  • Affiliate Marketing offers high earning potential.
  • There is a large selection of providers (networks and partner programs) for all possible topics and products.
  • Affiliate marketing requires a lot of testing, but then it is a very good way to make money on the internet

Make money on YouTube

YouTube is now its own large social network with millions of users. There you can earn very good money online with your own videos.

  1. Extra income on YouTube *
    In this course you will learn how you can build a very good additional income with YouTube.
  2. Earn more with YouTube *
    Step by step as a beginner build a long-term and secure income on YouTube.
  3. YouTube tips, guides and examples
    Practical tips for your own YouTube videos, ways to make money on YouTube.
  4. Become a YouTube partner
    How to become a YouTube partner to earn money with your own videos.
  5. Generate income from YouTube
    The best sources of income for YouTubers and what pays the most.
  6. Income from podcasts *
    Podcasts are booming and that's why you can make very good money with them. This course shows you how to do it step by step.


  • A huge target group can be reached with videos.
  • Various sources of income are available to YouTubers.
  • Those who love to create videos are in their element here.

Rent links

Link rental is worthwhile even with very small websites and you can make a lot of money online with it for zero work. But you shouldn't hang that on the big bell, because Google doesn't like it.

The following providers facilitate the search for link rental customers.

  1. SeedingUp *
    The largest German link marketplace. You can remain anonymous if you wish.
  2. Backlink seller *
    Automatic rental of links on subpages.


  • Easy integration and very good cost / income ratio.
  • You can achieve very good income without any additional effort.
  • It is arguably the easiest way to make money on the internet.
  • But one should be careful not to make it public and not to overdo it. In addition, the lack of labeling of rented links can lead to legal problems.

Paid content

Write an article, publish a video or post an Instagram post and get paid for it? That's perfect and an interesting source of income, especially for new bloggers and influencers.

Several German-speaking providers enable exactly that:

  1. Blog mission *
    Publish paid blog articles including backlinks or videos and get money for it. Optically pleasantly designed marketplace that offers many offers.
  2. RankSider *
    Paid articles with built-in backlinks. Many offers.
  3. DomainBoosting *
    Publish relevant articles and earn money online with them.


  • Good cost / income ratio and it doesn't look like advertising.
  • High commission when you have a lot of traffic.
  • A little irregular and therefore more of a supplementary source of income.

Pay per click advertising

“Pay per click” advertising, such as Google AdSense, is easy to integrate and in some cases optimizes itself. You earn money with it per click on the advertisements.

Currently you can only recommend Google AdSense, which works very well for blog beginners and is easy to use. But above all, a lot of traffic is important for this.

  1. Google AdSense
    The largest pay per click provider with millions of participants and a large number of advertisers. That makes for good income.


  • Google AdSense is very easy to implement and suitable for all website types.
  • There are no minimum requirements and no maintenance effort.
  • The more traffic, the more profitable this source of income is.
  • Requires some tweaking to get as many clicks as possible.

sell products

Whether you create your own products or sell third-party products under your own name, there are many ways to make money selling products online today.

  1. Write an e-book
    Writing your own eBook and selling it online can be very lucrative. I made more than 100,000 euros with my first e-book.
  2. Sell ​​eBook *
    Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to write an eBook and then sell it.
  3. Establishing an info product business *
    You can find out here how you can create your own information product from an idea and earn money with it.
  4. elopage *
    With elopage, you can sell your own digital products in a legally secure manner and thus earn money in a very convenient way.
  5. Amazon FBA course *
    Comprehensive guide to making money selling third-party products on Amazon.


  • Own products allow a relatively large profit margin.
  • Selling third-party products saves development and production costs.
  • Logistics can be outsourced to providers.

Make money with advertising

It is very effective to rent out your own advertising on your own website, blog or in your own newsletter. You can turn your own reach into money very well. The sale of advertising space offers a very lucrative income opportunity, especially for well-established blogs or newsletters.

  1. With the CleverReach * newsletter service, you can easily and conveniently set up a newsletter, attract subscribers and earn money.
  2. Specialized marketers enable bloggers to earn money with advertising banners. This includes *.


  • If you sell banner spaces to advertisers yourself, you can keep 100% of the income.
  • Banner advertising is very easy to control.
  • Little effort of own maintenance once installed.
  • Unfortunately not 100% utilization in most of the advertising networks.
  • Having your own newsletter makes you more independent from Google.

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

Those who like to socialize and be creative can not only get to know a lot of people on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, they can also earn money. These platforms are booming and offer many opportunities.

  1. Instagram tips
    What requirements are necessary and what possibilities there are to earn money on Instagram.
  2. More followers on Instagram *
    All information and tips to gain a lot of followers and make money on Instagram.
  3. The easiest Facebook course *
    Here you will learn how to acquire new customers and make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.
  4. Generate income with TikTok *
    The TikTok platform is booming and this course shows how you can earn a lot there.


  • Here you can find millions of people with all kinds of interests.
  • Affiliate marketing, for example, is allowed here and works well.
  • The ideal platforms for making contacts and making creative money online.

More ways to make money on the internet

There are other ways you can make money online. This includes, for example, member sites that charge a monthly fee, but require a high level of awareness and trust on the part of customers.

Own digital products are also on the rise. For example, I wrote my own eBook about building niche websites and how to make money online with them. That was very well received and really lucrative.

The nice thing about the current development is that there are more and more opportunities for bloggers and website owners to make money on the Internet. Therefore, you should test many different options, as this is the only way to optimize and thus increase your own income.

Common questions about making money on the Internet

  • How can you make money online quickly?

    There are several ways to make money quickly online. However, these are rather small sources of income with which you can earn maybe 100 euros or a similar amount in a short time. Here I present 10 easy ways.

  • How Much Money Can You Really Make On The Internet?

    How much money can be made online depends on many factors. Above all, you need a large reach, e.g. many website visitors or YouTube subscribers. I investigated this question for various sources of income:
    How much do you earn with an affiliate website?
    How much do you earn on YouTube?
    How much do you make with an eBook?
    How much do you make from a podcast?

  • How do you earn 10,000 euros?

    Earning really good money online is the dream of many. But what is the best way to do it? I got this question in the article Make $ 10,000 - Is It Easier with Videos, Podcast Episodes, or Articles? answered.

  • Can you get rich on the internet?

    It is possible to make good money, but very few people get rich on the Internet. After all, you have to work hard and have perseverance for your own website, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. That is why only those who are not looking for the easy way, but really work, make it. Those who are committed and passionate about it have good chances.