How is the TIME GRE training institute

Manhattan Review GMAT GRE TOEFL Prep
& MBA Admissions Consulting in Germany

Manhattan Review offers GMAT courses and GMAT tutors in Germany (GMAT = Graduate Management Admission Test). The GMAT is required of applicants for MBA programs (MBA = Master of Business Administration) from all business schools in the USA and Europe. We are the only provider in Europe whose lecturers also teach an MBA program at a top business school in the USA.

In addition to the GMAT test preparation, we also offer preparation for the GRE, LSAT, SAT and TOEFL tests. Our lecturers and tutors teach for you in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and live online, among others. We can also offer you first-class MBA and college application advice for universities and colleges.

  • Our focus
    Manhattan Review offers professional preparation courses and business seminars at a high level. Our team is highly qualified and many of our employees have studied at Ivy League universities themselves.
  • Convincing cost / performance ratio
    For many applicants, the time factor plays a key role in preparing for the GMAT. Getting someone ready for the test in 200 hours is not a big challenge. However, in order to keep the expenditure of time within reasonable limits, you need sufficient teaching experience and target-oriented techniques and strategies. Our courses are individually designed for everyone who wants to achieve optimal results with the least possible investment of time.
  • Highly qualified lecturers
    Almost all of our lecturers have graduated from an Ivy League business school and are among the best in their year. You have extensive experience as lecturers and tutors. In addition, our lecturers and employees have professional and career experience in various industries and see it as a fulfilling challenge to share their experiences with future MBA students.