How much does an ounce weigh

How many grams are in an ounce?

The boom on the commodity markets, especially the rise in gold prices, is not only attracting the attention of experts. Even laypeople are increasingly concerned with the precious metal. Either out of pure curiosity or the interest in entering the raw materials market - knowledge and know-how about the precious metals gold and silver is currently almost as much in demand as the precious metal itself. A question that moves many laypeople: How many grams is an ounce? After all, the term pops up everywhere. And automatically starts the search for answers.

The ounce is relatively uncommon as a unit of measurement in everyday life in Germany. Due to the metric system, grams and kilograms are used primarily. But if you carefully walk through the shelves in the supermarket, you will also find the ounce with us. Abbreviated oz., It is the International avoirdupois ounce. The most appropriate term is probably the standard ounce. The question: “How many grams is an ounce?” Has not yet been answered.

Because the international avoirdupois ounce has little to do with the ounce in the field of precious metals. The latter is called oz. tr. and stands for Troy Ounce. But how many grams does an ounce have? The troy ounce weighs 31.103 grams, making it significantly heavier than the “standard ounce”. In parallel to the troy ounce, another term often appears in gold, the carat.

Carat - the fineness of gold in everyday life

The carat ostensibly has nothing to do with the question of how many grams is an ounce. Because today the carat is often used in a different context than it was years ago. The carat has long been a weight indicator for gold. However, today it is more used to describe the fineness. To do this, you divide the salary into 24 equal parts. In relation to 100 percent, one carat of gold would be around 4.17 percent. What is the purpose of this classification. Quite simply: eight carats correspond to 333 gold, 14 carats on the other hand 585 gold - the typical jewelry gold. 999 gold, on the other hand, would be equated with 24 carats.

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