Why is Seven considered an unfortunate number


Nothing touches me more than unhappy, disappointed children's faces.
Real unhappy faces.

photo credit: O.I.S.

Not those that arise from whining and zickery, but those that emerge due to disappointment or from being alone.

That expression that stretches from the eyes over the whole face like a rain cloud that darkens the sun.

This alternation between radiant and deathly saddened.

When the child proudly presents a Kindergarten Undefined tinkering. while the mother is having a very important conversation with another mother and then the child with half a glance and
"Yes, yes, nice, get in the car!"

When the child has caught its first frog, proudly shows it off and the mother screams and runs away in panic.

When the child proudly counts the number of football goals scored and the father comments: "When I was your age, I scored twice as many goals!"

And the worst thing is: I can't even point my finger at others, because despite my best efforts, it happens to me again and again that I don't react adequately to the children. And then see these rain clouds come up and then pull myself together and focus my attention.

If we adults were so disappointed, if the husband turned away while the wife proudly talks about how she got hold of the last digital camera at ALDI, then the best argument would be going on.

I cannot listen to everyone and give everyone my undivided attention all day. I get mad.

My attempt one solution is:

  • when I listen, I listen with all my ear and full attention.
  • No half measures,
  • no turning away in the middle of a conversation,
  • no distractions.
  • One at a time must speak.
  • Heckling that is off-topic is not welcome.
  • If I don't have time to listen properly, I will give a time when I will be receptive again.
  • If there is an important reason, a conversation can be interrupted (e.g. the frog in hand). After that, however, the conversation will be continued with the same person.
  • Yesterday evening at 8, the Kind3Freundin Sturm rang to tell us (and not just us: preferably the whole world) that she jumped off the three-meter board for the first time.
    I couldn't disappoint this radiant face, I let fish be fish and we were all amazed.