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Test: Sell and buy used clothing online

It is undisputed that clothing is part of today's fast lifestyle. The so-called "fast fashion industry" relies on rapid production routes and short lifetimes when it comes to clothing.

Sustainable garments that “survive” multiple owners are a good alternative. There is now a large selection of second-hand portals and platforms that lure with vintage fashion.

We reveal why used fashion is not only worthwhile for the wallet and present 9 marketplaces that have it all.

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Why buy vintage fashion online?

Of course, many think of that first price advantage. After all, used clothing or shoes only cost a fraction of the original purchase price. This means that everyone has the opportunity to get hold of luxury fashion at an affordable price.

In addition, something is done by the way for the environment done. As the saying goes: "Demand determines supply". So if less is bought, there is less incentive for the fashion industry to produce a lot. That saves water, energy and other resources. Also the This significantly reduces CO2 emissionsNot to mention the transport costs that arise when an item of clothing has to be delivered from A to B.

So the advantages are obvious. Nevertheless, used fashion had a hard time for a long time. In the dusty second hand shop she waited a long time for her new owner, often in vain.

Second hand portals have, however, successfully shaken off the eco image. Here it goes modern and yet sustainable to. Interested parties can choose from a wide range of clothing items and have them conveniently delivered to their home. Never again search in vain for a handsome item in musty shops around the corner - that convinces many users.

Why sell second hand fashion online?

Those who like to buy used fashion are also busy getting them back onto the second hand market. Of course this is also here Efficiency in the foreground. The money raised can be used to directly reinvest and purchase new items of clothing. In addition, you don't have a bad conscience if the top you just bought was a shot in the oven.

Selling on a platform can make other people happy. Simultaneously there is less rubbish and more money in your wallet. Of course, the sale also becomes positive Fashion swap cycle which has a positive effect on the environment and not least on the mountains of rubbish.

9 recommended pre-owned marketplaces

A look on the Internet shows that second hand portals are not as rare as you might think. In fact, there is now one good selection for customerswho are interested in used fashion. We looked at a total of 9 portals with their special features.

1. Ubup - large selection at low prices (new name: Momox Fashion)

Ubup is according to its own information the largest online second hand market in Germany. There is fashion for women, men and children here. The shop sells items that have in turn been sent in via the momox portal. All fashion therefore comes from private consumers.

Ubup only sells clothes in good or very good condition. In addition, the submissions will be sent to the Authenticity checked. So fakes don't stand a chance. The platform looks tidy and attracts regularly exclusive dealsto save even more. Ubup is one of the Trusted Shopswhich creates additional security.

Many medium-priced and cheap brands are available here: Calvin Klein, Esprit, Adidas, Comma, H&M, Mango, Blutsgeschwister, COS, Tamaris, Zara, Opus, Desigual and many more.

2. Rebelle - Buy used designer clothes at fair prices

Fans of Designer fashion get their money's worth at Rebelle. Here are exclusively luxurious garments and fashion accessories. Brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton are an integral part of this. The portal offers the possibility to search directly for the type of clothing as well as the designer. Through the practical filter functions it is easy to navigate through the multitude of attractive pieces.

The platform has one special service, with which you can sell your own pieces. The employees then take care of taking pictures and describing the item. There is also the option to offer items of clothing yourself on the portal.


3. Vestiaire collective - Luxurious vintage designer second hand fashion and accessories

Here are the Selling and buying equally at the center. Vestiaire collective also has the Luxury fashion and is committed to ensuring that exclusive items get a new home.

Lead in-house experts Controls, also facing the Authentication by. This gives buyers a good feeling when they get hold of luxury items. Vestiaire collective values ​​a community. There is also a journal that provides interested parties with information.

Popular designer brands at Vestiaire: Acne Studios, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Moncler, Prada, Saint Laurent, Valentino

4. Vinted - swap, buy & sell

Vinted is formerly known to many people Clothes circle and Mamikreisel known. The simple and intuitive operation of the portal has remained. With just a few clicks, items of clothing can be offered or bought. Ladies, gentlemen and children will find what they are looking for here.

5. Lampoo - second-hand high-end fashion

Also stand on this portal luxurious items in the foreground. It takes a bit of getting used to that the shop is exclusive in English and Italian is. Here, too, simple navigation enables an uncomplicated search for new favorite pieces.

Lampoo caters to buyers exclusive benefits so that the price in the shopping cart is reduced again at the end. So it's worth stopping by regularly.


6. Mädchenflomarkt - Discover digital vintage clothing and accessories

The playful name actually aligns itself mainly to a younger audience. However, that does not mean that other age groups cannot benefit from the platform. You can buy and sell here.

The platform offers the opportunity to sell the entire sale, of course in exchange for a small fee. Fashion, shoes, jewelry, accessories and premium items is given a new home with the girls' flea market.

7. - Trendy pre-owned designer bargains

Videdressing is a platform on which you can both buy and sell. Trending brandsandLuxury brands are also offered here.

With a huge discount and the option to use exclusive offers To save even more, the portal attracts numerous second-hand lovers. The operation is fast and easy, by the way, also works via the app.


8. Vite en Vogue - Luxury fashion dreams can be fulfilled here

Premium second hand designer fashion for women and men is offered on the Vite en Vogue platform. Desirable individual pieces and those that are available in several versions cavort here with luxury items from Chanel and Co.

There is a special feature here that can only be bought. A purchase or sale is therefore not possible.

9. - give clothes a second chance

The team behind Secondlifefashion has set itself the goal of addressing the topic sustainability capitalize. Small and large brands are here at an attractive price offered and change hands.

Savings can be made in an extra sale area. On the platform Secondlifefashion can only be bought, not sold become.