Which stores offer cashback

What is cashback?


Cashback - how does it work exactly?

Getting money back for shopping on the side, doesn't that sound too good to be true and what's the catch? There is no catch with us, because the principle behind our cashback system is very simple, free and transparent. Every time you go to one of our partner shops via our cashback portal and shop online, we receive a commission from which you also benefit. We pay a large part of the commission to you. Cash, no points! In short, the best bonus program there is. This is how online shopping is really fun!

How much Euro Cashback do I get?

How much Euro cashback you get depends on your order amount and the current cashback rate of the partner shop. As a rule, you will always receive a percentage of your purchased product paid back to your account. With our partners in the "Insurance & Contracts" category, you can usually expect a fixed amount in euros.

What is the difference between Payback?

On the other hand, if you collect points with other bonus programs, such as Payback, which you ultimately exchange for rewards, you will receive cash back into your account with us. On average, our customers collect € 240 cashback a year. This is money that you can do what you want with! In addition, our cashback page does not trade in data. The data of our customers are safe with us, we do not pass them on to third parties.

What is the advantage of Shoop?

Most bonus programs give you the option of exchanging your points for a selected product. As a customer, you are therefore dependent on the provider's product selection. Vacuum cleaner, blender or saucepan set - that's nice, but it's even nicer to decide for yourself what to do with your bonus. Therefore, our users can turn their cashback into face value at any time. Treat yourself to what you want, whenever you want. Not to forget, our money-back promotions are extremely user-friendly. You don't have to send in a receipt or online invoice, because we can automatically see how much money we owe you! The customer shops and we take care of the rest. Sounds like a really good deal, doesn't it? With over 2,000 cooperating providers and weekly changing promotions, everyone gets their money's worth with us.

Why is Shoop free?

The part of the commission we keep is used to pay our bills and employees. Therefore we can offer you our service as a cashback provider completely free of charge; From registration to use, we are and will always be completely free of charge for you. What is a "money back" offer? With us, a money-back campaign is a time-limited campaign in which you benefit from increased cashback rates, exclusive vouchers and discounts. You can save even more with selected providers than you already have over a set campaign period. You can discover all new cashback promotions online on our promotions page.