Who made you sad

Translation of "saddened" in spanish

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And this woman kind of got me made sad.
Does the little dwarf have you made sad?
You got me yesterday made sad.
Dale has himself made sad.
I think she would have all of that made sad.
No puedo evitar pensar en lo sad que la habría puesto esto.
Kai always has that very much made sad.
Siempre hizo a Kai muy sad.
But I lost and you made sad.
And this woman kind of got me made sad.
Now you have papa made sad.
That made me happy and at the same time made sad.
You've had me a lot for a long time made sad, Damian.
Por tu culpa estuve muy sad por mucho tiempo.
If I had had school friends like you guys, I would still have got out, but it would have me made sad.
Si hubiese tenido amigos como Uds. en la secundaria ... probablemente igual hubiese abandonado, pero quizás me sentiría triste por eso.
I think you did made sad to hear that Auerbach was killed.
It has them too made sadto see you there.
It got me like that made sadwhen Mikael told how you interpreted the flowers.
Me puse tan sad cuando Mikael me contó cómo habías interpretado las flores.
I determined them made sad.
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