Are women better do-it-yourselfers than men

Do-it-yourself work is still a man's job

44 percent consider men to be the better craftsmen, only one percent believe women are more capable

Vienna (OTS) -When it comes to doing handicrafts in your own four walls or around the house, the Austrians confirm the old clichés. Men are expected to perform significantly better than women and they prefer to assemble the wall unit themselves. Only ten percent would use an external service provider. This is shown by a current Innofact trend survey * for ImmobilienScout24.

Austrians love DIY. Most people who have to assemble a new bed or a wall unit or have other extensive manual activities on their plan prefer to do it themselves. 55 percent roll up their sleeves and get to work equipped with screwdrivers and drills. Only 10 percent would use an external service provider. This shows that the older you get, the less you feel like assembling the furniture yourself: 15 percent of those over 50 tend to hire a professional.

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Around a third of the women would do the work themselves, another third would ask their husband or friend to take over the assembly. Two thirds of the men are self-employed and do the job themselves. A weak percentage comes out as a “man with two left hands” and would ask their own wife or girlfriend to do so. Almost every eighth Austrian gets help from a male relative.

The cliché lives on: men do it better

But which gender do Austrians trust more? Two thirds of women are of the opinion that both sexes are equally skilled in their craft, and almost half of men (47 percent) are also convinced of this. The idea of ​​equal rights has already arrived, especially in the generation under 30: 60 percent expect an equally good result from both sexes. Across all age groups, a third of women and 53 percent of men are convinced that better results can be expected when men take on the manual work.

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* For the study, the market research institute Innofact AG interviewed around 504 Austrians from 18 to 65 years online representative of the target group for ImmobilienScout24 in January 2020.

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