How do i get the divi theme

Install Divi Theme

Have you got your dream theme and now you want to try it out? But first you have to install the Divi Theme. This is basically relatively easy and the first step in our Divi Theme guide:

1. Download the theme file

First you download the Divi Theme. Immediately after logging in to the Elegant Themes homepage, you get to the "Members Area" where you can download the Divi Theme or the Extra Theme in the form of a ZIP file.

You can either upload the theme in the WordPress Admin (variant 2a) or via FTP (variant 2b). The first variant is the more convenient, but the size of an upload is limited directly in the administration area on many servers, so that the ZIP file, which is over 6 MB in size, cannot be uploaded. Then nothing else remains and you have to upload the theme via FTP.

2.a Install Divi Theme via the admin area

To install the theme in WordPress, go to “Design”> “Themes” in the administration area and click on the “Add” button at the top. In the following overview, click up again, this time on "Upload theme". The file can be uploaded in the dialog that appears and the Divi Theme is installed.

2.b Install Divi Theme via FTP

If the installation via the administration area does not work, the theme can also be installed via an FTP program. To do this, you unzip the file and you get a folder called "Divi". You load this folder and its contents into the themes directory of your WordPress installation with the help of an FTP program. This can be found in the folder:

3. Activate the theme

Regardless of which way you have used, you should now find the Divi Theme in the theme overview in the admin area under “Design”> “Themes” and select the theme for the current display when you hover over the “Activate” button.

From now on your website will be displayed with the Divi theme. At first, this usually looks rather simple and not very special:

4. Enter user name and API key

So that you can start updates for the Divi theme directly from WordPress, you have to enter your user name and an API key in the Divi theme settings. In addition, you can do without this measure none Load the countless layouts prepared by Elegant Themes. Therefore, you should do this step right after the installation. We have explained the procedure for you in our article Enter API key for updates and the layout library.

5. Install Divi Child Theme

At this point, it is advisable to create a so-called child theme so that later changes to the code of the theme are not simply overwritten during an update. Everything important can be found in our article "Divi Theme: Create WordPress Child Theme".

6. After the theme installation

Once you have created and activated the child theme, you can go ahead and set up the theme without any worries. Now you can start as part of our Divi Theme tutorial with the basic settings in the Divi Theme options.