Which is better Python or C ++

Arch Linux

I would like to learn some programming at first something easy and later, with practice, more.
Which language should you start with?
Should at least be lighter than C ++ but can do less
C ++:
Can learn more but also more and needs a lot of motivation
Should be simple and even faster than Java

Somehow it is difficult to make a decision, especially since there are few or no examples now in Google for e.g. programs that were written with Python.

At the beginning I would like to try small things and test whether programming suits me.
Example for the beginning would be ...
Something that reads a script file and looks for syntax errors and the errors with name, line.

In the end I would like to be the point where I can make adjustments to some XFCE programs, if not even write my own GTK programs, until one day I might learn C ++ if it shouldn't learn at the beginning.

So far I only have knowledge of scripts in HTML and CSS, but they also ended there where you had to use the Gimp and tinker a few graphics to achieve the overall visual appearance.

I would use Geany for writing.

But little ask what would you recommend how best to learn?
With a real book or through tutorials from the Internet, if not an open book?
So far I only have books on C ++ from A to Z and C ++ Primer the German translation of the C ++ original book.
Otherwise only the Openbooks on Pyhon and C that can be found on Galileo Computing.

I would be grateful for a helpful answer