Research is an expensive habit

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Sister Jude's cane helped him Habit little.
Sister Jude's cane did little to help his habit.
That can be a pretty expensive one Habit be.
That can be a pretty expensive habit to feed.
Then the ugly one Habit to drool.
They call it an insignificant one Habit.
They call it a chippie, a small habit.
No doubt she has Habitto run away.
There's no doubt she's in the habit of running away.
This is an appreciable one Habitthat we can never take for granted.
That is a habit we must never take for granted.
Some of the colleagues have Habitnot to read out the number in the case of roll-call votes.
Some members have the habit of not reading out the number for roll-call votes.
She eventually fell for the bad one Habit of smoking.
She eventually got into the bad habit of smoking.
Keeping a journal is a good one Habit.
Keeping a diary is a good habit.
Keeping a diary is a good one Habit.
Writing in a diary is a good habit.
Smoking is not Habitbut an addiction.
Smoking is no habit but an addiction.
Unlike many other colleagues, I don't have that Habitto thank the rapporteur as usual.
Mr President, Commissioner, unlike many other MEPs, I am not in the habit of routinely thanking the rapporteur.
Drug addicts hurt with hers Habit the people around you.
Drug addicts hurt the people around them with their habit.
This is a Habit from my time as a legislator.
It's a habit I picked up when I was a legislator.
I thought it was an unconscious one Habit.
I thought it was unconscious habit.
Our evening visits to the Foresters were easy Habit.
Our evening visits to the 'Foresters' became an easy habit.
Even your breathing is only one Habit.
Even your breathing is just a habit.
Disgusting Habitto eat from someone else's plate.
It's a disgusting habit, eating off someone's plate.
But these Habit went from a few lines a week to $ 2,000 a day.
But this habit, you know, it went from like a few lines a week to 2,000 dollars a day.
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