Should I go to design school

Training as a game designer?

If you can't do it with normal school, you can do distance learning like me. Usually, game designer is not a real study course that is actually subsidized by the state. In addition, media design, communication design, etc. What is important if you want to become a really good game designer that you already take care of 3D modeling, texturing, programming and assembling. Without basic knowledge and without any interest in it, it won't do you any good.

In any case, you have to know that it is very hard to create a full-fledged video game because it usually doesn't just help one subject area. Learning in game design is often a bottomless pit. The more you inquire in the other areas, the more you know how to deal with the area in order to best carry out the other area.

I advise you not to get started with Blender (no professional software, wasted time) but download Autodesk Maya from This has the advantage that you can directly use a program which is used by many renowned game developers and which can definitely help you in your future job. If you start Maya and learn the basics and then go level by level of knowledge, you will be able to model in about 1-2 years. Then another 1 year then you can texturize, etc. Is of course a more difficult start, but it's worth it. Blender is of course easier to learn and commercially free, but anyone who is serious about a professional career takes Maya.

If you have finished school and then don't know what you want to do in this direction, then you have 2 other alternatives: 3D designer distance learning for about 3200 euros, then you can also end up in a development room. Or visit a real game developer university if you have the necessary change, that costs about 25,000 but that you find a job is about 95%