How do I put Quora questions together

This is how you see all the answers to Quora and bypass their unbearable registration

Quora is one of those question and answer sites that sadly decided to follow in Expertsexchange's footsteps and create a terrible UI that forces you to log in to read after the initial answer. But we can get around this with a simple trick.

You would think, with the success of Stackoverflow and Stack Exchange, realizing that hiding your answers and making the website crappy for your users is not a good idea. But no, they haven't learned. They want to make sure that you are forced to log in and give them your information just to read the site.

You could have gone a better way and allowing you to be prompted to read the topics and then prompting you to log in or register later. They could have had a great question and answer site that would get you involved. Instead, they chose this.

We would like to point out that we haven't actually read any useful answers in Quora, but they keep showing up in Google search. You can bypass this login screen with this simple trick.

Do you add at the end of the url? Share = 1 added

That’s all you have to do. Just add it to the end of the url and hit enter.

And now you can view it all on the website.

In fact, you can click on other things and continue to use the website without restrictions during this browsing session. Again, we haven't read anything very interesting about Quora.

Note: There are a number of browser extensions that will do this automatically. However, it is not recommended to install random extensions for websites that you do not visit often. Unfortunately, many of these extensions are spying on you.