Which news source is the most factual

So much news

Every day we hear the latest in world events through the news. These messages reach us through a wide variety of media:
via the radio, television, the newspaper or the internet.

Particularly important messages often appear in different media at the same time. "Same messages" does not mean, however, that these are almost identical / the same.
This becomes clear when comparing such “identical” messages.

What do we expect from news?

A message in the media is expected to ...

  • that she is the truth corresponds to.
  • that they are yours source calls (e.g. news agencies such as dpa).
  • That you have the W questions answered
    (Who? What? When? How? Where? Why? With what consequence?).
  • that they factual and objective informed about the event.

Different messages?

If one compares the news in the various media, differences in the design become apparent.

These result from ...

  • the underlying medium:
    z. B. Print medium (newspaper), visual medium (television) ...
  • the addressed target group:
    z. B. Professional audience, adults, children ...
  • the desired purpose:
    z. B. satisfying factual information, need for sensation ...
  • the kind of processing:
    z. B. fast, immediate information, knowledge transfer prepared with background knowledge ...

These differences result in possibilities for comparison.

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