What was the yoke of Jesus talking about?

Matthew 11: 25-30

God reveals his wisdom to people who are looking for him, and what this wisdom is good for, Jesus also tells us: to bring people rest.
We strive for success and fortune and yes, it is important that we strive and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. But when this effort fills your whole life and there is no more peace and quiet to cultivate the relationship with our fellow human beings and the relationship with God, then something goes wrong. Sure, it is society that puts these burdens on us, but isn't it sometimes we ourselves too, in that we no longer want to relax? We still do this and that, stuffing up the free time with activities so that there is no room for rest, so that we don't realize how empty we actually are in all our activities.
Two passages in the Old Testament help us understand what Jesus wants to tell us:

Thus says the Lord: Stand by the ways and look out, ask about the paths of ancient times, ask where the way to good lies; go on him, you will find rest for your soul. But they said: We're not going. (Jer 6:16)
He had said to them: This is how you will find rest; Treat the tired to a rest, this is the place to relax. But they didn't want to hear. (Isa 28:12)

We learn from the prophet Jeremiah that wisdom is a prerequisite for rest. If you are looking for the way to good, you will find peace. He realizes what really matters in life and will put it into practice. Jesus' word about the light yoke goes exactly in this direction. Jesus' teaching leads us to wisdom and whoever searches for this wisdom will find rest.
Let's think about what brings unrest into our lives. Are these not often unresolved events in our lives, injuries that others have inflicted on us and that we carry through our lives, injuries that we have inflicted on others, strife that settles because we cannot forgive?
Jesus' message of love teaches us how to forgive, ourselves and others. She teaches us how to be good to others. This love brings healing, healing for our souls and for the souls of the people around us, but not only for the soul, but also for the body, because it is often the spiritual wounds that then show up in physical illnesses.
Let us grant ourselves this rest and also others, as the prophet Isaiah so clearly suggests. Then as now people are exploited, they are denied peace and quiet, so that a greater profit arises for a few. But how great will the damage be for everyone if it is taken away from people to satisfy their basic need for rest and relaxation?
The rest of which Jesus and the prophets speak is a fulfilled rest, not sitting in boredom that so many are afraid of and therefore throw themselves into all sorts of activities. It assumes that we know what to do with ourselves, regardless of our work and the people around us. This peace can only be found by those who can endure being thrown back on themselves. It means real relaxation, which gives space for new creativity.
Let's look at what's inside of us. Let us reflect on the part that strives for the higher, for God. Let's look at what we're designed to be. Let us strive for the highest and do not be satisfied with half measures. Everyone has a vocation in themselves. It is important to live this, whether in the family or in the world of work. It is not independent of the environment in which we are, but it enriches our environment immensely. Hardly anyone has to leave their family or work to live this calling. But he has to find a place of calm for her, where she can be discovered and grow more and more.

We have to find God, and we cannot find him in restlessness and noise.
God is the friend of silence.
Look at nature - trees, flowers, grass - it all grows in silence. Look at the stars, the moon and the sun as they move in silence ...
We need silence to be able to touch souls.
(Mother Teresa)