Is the SHAREit app an Indian app



Shareware (Shareit Information Technology Co., Ltd.) is a technology company founded in April 2015. The company's CEO is Michael Qiu.

Users can use SHAREit to transfer files like photos, videos, music, contacts, applications and other files. With the SHAREit app, Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices can transfer files directly.

It is currently available in 39 languages ​​including English, Hindi, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

SHAREit owners also have other utility applications such as LOCKit, LISTENit, CLEANit, and CLONEit.

The SHAREit app uses a secure connection protocol and has faster transmission speeds than Bluetooth and NFC. The other method of file transfer is through Bluetooth, NFC, or USB drives. This has been observed by several reputable universities and even magazines like WIRED. With the unsecure protocol of USB drives and the slow speed of Bluetooth in mind, applications like SHAREit based on Wi-Fi Direct methods were developed.

SHAREit also offers its users a wide variety of digital entertainment for videos, music, movies, GIFs, memes, etc.

Within its application, it works with partners such as Times Music.SHARE, has 1.5 billion users worldwide and, along with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, is one of the 10 best applications downloaded from Google Play in the last 10 years. Skype, UC Browser, Snapchat and Line according to the data report. from the app app from Appannie Insights.

On May 8, 2018, SHAREit acquired the Fastfilmz app and appointed Karam Malhotra, the founder of Fastfilmz, as CEO of SHAREit India. In 2017, the Indian government announced a list of apps, including SHAREit for Android and iOS. According to intelligence agencies, it is spyware.

The troops were instructed to shut down these apps. However, the app denies that fee by posting an official statement. To ensure the secure sharing of offline apps as a peer, SHAREit worked with Google to initiate the app's security metadata integration program.

After metadata integration, all SHARE shared applications will be displayed offline by Google Play to ensure that all applications transferred from one device to another are genuine and free of malware.

For those of you struggling with installing this particular program, we can tell you, don't worry, we're here to help, and we're giving you the most detailed (step-by-step) guide on how to do it Download from Shareit on the PC.

So let's start over: open your third-party browser (we use Google Chrome) and search for "share" (e.g. in Google). You can enter it in your url bar. It is better to trust the first result and click on it. We found a link on the Softonic website that has some ways to download this application.

Then you can find the download button at the bottom right of the page if you scroll down, select the free download and click on it. You can choose between different ways of signing in with a Facebook or Google account. But don't worry if you don't have one and look for the Alternative Download button.

Before completing the download process, decide in which directory you want to install it. Just click the Yes button (if it shows something). When the main wizard appears, it displays the sharing information, which shows and displays the policy's terms and conditions. So, you can read it if you want, but if you want to save time, check the box that says you accept the agreement and advance it. Click Next and navigate to the location on your drive where you want it to be installed.

Don't forget to create your shortcut on your desktop. When you click Next, the process brat will display the installation process. You can click Finish. Again, it shows the policy information for you to reread or just accept the button.

You will now see the "Share" illustration on your board. Therefore, you need to scan your mobile device using the QR code function to send and transfer your files or to receive files as well.