Rust spreads

Stop rust - how can you do that?

Rust prevention agent

Just as one cannot prevent corrosion one hundred percent, but can only slow it down, neither is corrosion. You can only deactivate existing rust to a limited extent. Under certain circumstances, however, you can slow it down significantly in its progress.

Rust converters are an exception here, of course. They actually convert the rust into stable metallic compounds. However, rust itself can only be inactivated to a limited extent.


Owatrol is a very effective means of preventing rust. The rust is stabilized over long periods of time without spreading further. This effect can also be used to preserve rust, if that is desired.

Rusted objects thus retain their “vintage look” without the metal surfaces further decomposing due to the rust. In many cases this is desired. However, it would be better to create the desired rust look on objects using a harmless effect color. In this case, post-processing with Owatrol is not necessary all the time.

Home remedies

In addition to the commercially available Owatrol oil, numerous home remedies for preserving rust are also common:

  • castor oil
  • various fats
  • different waxes, underbody protection, and the like

Effectiveness of rust stabilization

The home remedies also have a limited effectiveness. As long as the rust spot is completely sealed off from moisture and, if possible, oxygen is kept away from the rust stains, the rust is slowed down.

Such experiments should not be undertaken, especially when it comes to cars. Sheets rust through very quickly, and then the only thing that will help is to cut them out generously.

Small rust spots should therefore be completely sanded off immediately, treated with rust converter, primed and painted. Cavities must always be completely sealed, otherwise the trapped moisture can rust through the sheets from the inside. The wheel arches are particularly at risk here.

The costs for professional rust removal from a car are not exactly low - but mostly necessary if you do not want to constantly rework yourself and risk more severe rust damage.

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