What is half marathon training

21 reasons why you should definitely run a half marathon

My 21 personal reasons why you should absolutely run a half marathon

1. A half marathon is short and sweet!

At half the distance of a marathon, the half marathon sounds far more tempting than 42.195 kilometers. Almost 21.1 kilometers sound more realistic, especially for beginners.


2. The half marathon challenge is great, but manageable.

Not everyone runs a half marathon. The distance is short enough to be feasible, but at the same time it requires persistent training and the right preparation.


3. The half marathon distance does not last indefinitely.

The world record in the half marathon is one hour. On average, experienced and trained runners cover this distance in 1:40 to 2:10 hours.


4. You push your running training to the next level!

You have been running for some time, running 10 kilometers or an hour in a row are no problem for you. But you're looking for a new goal: with a half marathon you can take your training to the next level!


5. With a half marathon you set yourself a realistic goal!

The most important thing to achieve your goals in sports (and in life too) is that they are realistic and measurable. A half marathon in particular is such a goal that it is not utopian, but tangible. The training schedule is foreseeable and the scope can be estimated.


6. The training effort is manageable.

With running training 3 to 4 times a week, you can easily train for a half marathon. But don't neglect exercise either!


7. Self-discipline, determination and self-management take on a new meaning!

If you approach the “goal half marathon”, it means a whole new level of self-discipline and self-management for you. In addition to the actual training runs, you should regularly incorporate strength training and exercise into your training plan. You master all of this in addition to your "normal" everyday life.


8. A good reason to tackle healthy eating.

Good runners not only take care of their footwork and make sure they have a strong core and the like, they also value healthy eating. Half marathon training is a great incentive to deal intensively with the topic.

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9. Thanks to relaxed endurance runs, you have more time to yourself.

“Me-Time” is one of the most popular words these days. “Take more time for yourself and what you love!”. Mindfulness is a big issue in our fast-paced world. For me, long endurance runs are a wonderful balance and the best time to take the time I need for myself and to be completely with myself. Try it!


10. You explore new running routes

As soon as you increase your running quota and if you are not necessarily a fanatical lap runner, you will expand the catchment area of ​​your running routes and get to know your home town from scratch. Take a walk out into nature and take a deep breath!


11. You experience yourself and your body in a new way

The best thing about training for the first half marathon? You will experience a completely new, different body feeling because you are crossing boundaries that you have not known before or that you have only dreamed of before. You will find out what your body is capable of and that leads us to the next point:


12. Half marathon training increases your self-esteem

If you ask me, one of the most beautiful things that running has changed for me over the years is my self-esteem. I have become far more confident, but also more self-loving. I thank my body that it has carried me through the years with as little injury as possible. And I was only able to experience that because he showed me what he is made of and what we can create together.

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13. You have the perfect excuse to shop

Sure, we don't really need an excuse to shop, but such a half marathon provides the perfect basis for updating our running accessories: from rain jackets to running shoes to buff cloths, a new item also increases motivation!

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14. You will be as fit as a gym shoe

I've never been fitter than when I did two half marathon trainings! With a clear goal in mind, excuses and bastards don't seem to have a chance.


15. You test your limits

You get to know this experience when you train for your first half marathon. Suddenly you are running faster than ever during speed training or you exceed yourself in the first long run. And finally in the half marathon you exceed every limit that you have known as a runner.


16. The absolutely coolest hormone release around the event day

After weeks of training, the days around the half marathon and the day itself are the highest of emotions. You have been looking forward to this day for a long time and now you will be rewarded with wonderful exhilarations. Excitement is part of it!


17. You run in a great community with other runners

The runner community is big, colorful, international, digital and great! Use exactly that as drive and motivation in your training. Get to know new running enthusiasts in your area by looking for a running meeting, connect with other runners via Facebook or Instagram and meet them at the running event!

On 21.0975 kilometers you also have plenty of time to talk to other runners. At least if you don't aim to beat the world records of Florence Kiplagat or Zersenay Tadese.

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18. You can kiss your partner or your best friend by the wayside!

Do you know the pictures when a runner kisses his wife exuberantly at a running event shortly before the finish line? Or does a mother cross the finish line hand in hand with her pupil? I love these pictures of pure emotion!

Get exactly these pushers on the track by letting mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, grandpa, sister, dog, college friends and Co. - simply everyone - know when and that you start and where they can cheer you on .

On my second half marathon I almost had a little cry of joy with love, gratitude and joy when my best friend was waiting at kilometer 17 and I was able to push her - completely soaked in sweat.


19. Pure pride

There are few feelings that can match the sense of pride you feel for yourself when you cross the finish line. And this feeling remains!


20. The medal

The outer sign of your triumph is the most beautiful medal in the world: your medal! This piece of precious metal will always have a very special meaning for you and remind you of the weeks of training and that great day of racing on which you mastered your first 21.0975 kilometers.


21. The way is the most beautiful destination.

Did you notice anything in my list? Most of the reasons revolve around the time before the actual half marathon event. There is a very important reason for this. If you decide to do a half marathon, choose a running event and create or have your training plan drawn up, you are starting a wonderful time: your training phase. This usually lasts 8 to 12 weeks or much longer and is definitely longer than the time you spend on the track during the competition.

This training time is magical for me because it is like a journey. A trip to your very first half marathon. You will experience ups and downs, get to know yourself anew, push your limits. You will experience good and bad workouts. You will experience wonderful morning runs with the twittering of birds. You will run into the warm sunset or your nose will freeze off in winter. All of this is part of your training, your way towards the half marathon.

On this path you will grow and on the day of the competition you will start the running event with a proud swollen chest. All the ailments and exertions will be forgotten. The adrenaline will build up in your blood and you will start running!

Nobody will be able to tell you in advance what to expect on the route. It will be a colorful mix of everything that you have experienced in the last few weeks. From all ups and downs. And at the end the golden target marker is waiting for you. And all the happiness hormones. The medal. The certificate that will bear your name and the wonderful knowledge:

You ran a full half marathon!