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Authorization requirement

Particularly endangered areas

In the particularly hazardous water protection areas (A.O and Au) and inflow areas (ZO and Zu) tank and storage facilities for water-polluting liquids, which can contaminate water in small quantities, with a usable volume of more than 2000 liters per storage container require a permit (Art. 32 para. 2 let. h Water Protection Act). Major renovation work on such systems is also subject to authorization.

A cantonal permit is also required for transhipment points for water-polluting liquids (Art. 32 Para. 2 lit. j Water Protection Ordinance [GSchV]).

Groundwater protection zones

In the groundwater protection zones S3, free-standing storage tanks with a usable volume of more than 450 liters with heating or diesel oil for the energy supply of buildings or companies are subject to a permit for a maximum supply period of two years (Art. 32 Para. 2 lit. i GSchV and standard protection zone regulations of the Canton of Zurich ).

In the groundwater protection zones S3, underground storage tanks and pipelines with water-polluting liquids (Appendix 4 No. 221 lit. g GSchV) as well as facilities with water polluting liquids with a usable volume of more than 2000 liters (Appendix 4 No. 221 lit. i GSchV) are not permitted.

Reporting requirement

Tank and storage facilities that do not require a permit, as well as renovation work, must be reported if their total usable volume is greater than 450 liters. There is no authorization or notification requirement for containers under 20 liters.

The diagram below clarifies this requirement (yellow areas require approval, green areas require notification).