Did it snow in Perth Australia

Extremely unusual: it snowed in Australia

Nobody can really explain what is happening in Australia at the moment. Winter officially starts in June, but no one expects snow in Queensland. A sudden fall in the weather caused a lot of snow in parts of the country - right up to the subtropical state. It is the first snowfall there in four years.

Because of the storm, a weather warning was issued for Sydney and a 1,000-kilometer-long coastline. People shouldn't leave their homes.

The Australian meteorologists describe the surprising weather as a "rare" sight, reports the "Telegraph". Meteorologist Lachlan Stone says the snowfall was triggered by a stream of cold air from the south.

Meteorologists warn of freezing winds

In an interview with the "BBC" Stone said that the snowfall in the south of the country was less surprising because it is "relatively mountainous" there. In the higher regions it could be quite cold.

According to the authorities, snow fell near the city of Stanthorpe around 220 kilometers southwest of Brisbane, the "Express" reports. At the same time, the temperatures fell to around zero degrees. There was two inches of fresh snow in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Entire streets were closed.

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Snow chaos in Australia causes flight cancellations

Air traffic was also temporarily suspended. A Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Sydney has been canceled, as have connections from Qantas, Virgin Australia and Emirates to Sydney.

The airlines called on passengers to check the live updates.

The snow is another unusual weather phenomenon. Last summer was the hottest Australia has ever seen.