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Google API

Since the beginning of 2002, Google has offered an interface for different programming, which is called Google Web API (API = Application Programming Interface) and enables access to the Google index with the help of self-developed programs.
API information and Google login for a Google account at: code.google.com

Before 2002 it was not possible (possible, but not allowed by Google and possibly punished .. :-)) to access the Google databases in order to use the results afterwards. Before this point in time, even meta search engines were only allowed to use data from Google for further exploitation if a license agreement was made with Google.

Since Google already points out in its terms and conditions that IP addresses from which automatic inquiries are made to Google databases are blocked, it was unfortunately not officially possible and advisable to use Google data (positions, PageRank, backlinks, etc.) before this point in time ...) to query. The Google Webmaster Guidelines expressly warn against using automated query or registration tools such as "WebPosition Gold".

You don't have to be a programmer to use the Google API, as there are already a number of useful online applications on this topic. Is used e.g. at www.digitalpoint.com to implement a type of automated keyword query requested by Google. Some offline SEO tools also offer the option of officially accessing the Google index after entering your own API key (developer key).

After setting up your own Google account and the very simple registration procedure (set a valid email address + password), as well as agreeing to the terms and conditions for API access, you can 1000 requests to the Google index per API key and day put. You will also receive your key by e-mail after a confirmation e-mail of registration.

As a software developer, you have the opportunity to get the "Google Web APIs developer's kit"download code.google.com from Google. This already contains some sample applications in Java and .NET.

The terms of use of Google are a bit questionable again, in which it says that the Google Web API is a free beta interface that can only be used for private purposes. This is not a problem for end users of the corresponding API tools, but it may need clarification for software developers. Here you should ask Google in writing whether the planned application is "in the interests" of Google before you start programming.

You can find some simple Google API applications for free download or for online use from the following providers:

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