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laprinta gives away: Boogie promotional pen

As a promotional material dealer, it is only logical for us to use promotional gifts ourselves. We regularly test new giveaways and giveaways, which we find here in the blog in the categorylaprinta internal would like to introduce.

A promotional ballpoint pen is one of the best-known and most widespread promotional gifts and is therefore also allowed at laprinta. This is not the only reason why the boogie has long been part of the standard repertoire at laprinta - it has convinced employees, management and customers all along the line!

What we love about the Boogie promotional pen

  • Quality made in Germany
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • High quality optics
  • Pleasant writing experience
  • Outstanding advertising opportunities

We fought for the boogie

We had been giving away the white Boogie Basic, as shown here in the blog, for several years when the management asked for an alternative:

We can't always just give away the boogie. Our customers don't always want the same ballpoint pen as a gift
(the management in 2015)

The thought was obvious, of course, even if the employees raised concerns. Since the laprinta employees also write with our “own” pens, of course, some of us defended ourselves for the time being. “Let's try it” was the compromise.

So we tried temporarily with the Uma On Top SI ballpoint pen in the gum version.
This was interesting from a CI point of view due to the option of ordering the handle with a colored dot to match our logo. Thanks to the rubberized barrel, the writing experience was also pleasant and the clip offered us a nice advertising space in marketing.

But it soon became apparent that our existing customers missed the boogie!
We hadn't really expected that, but the question about the previous pen actually came up. Since the boogie is quite durable, some customers have already had several boogies and gladly passed them on internally or also used the logo pen privately.

When the stock of alternative coolies came to an end, it was clear: The boogie is coming again and will be standard in our mailings, packages and Co. from now until further notice!

The new one comes in black

The "new" boogie generation at laprinta was still the Boogie Basic model, but we decided on a matt black ballpoint pen.

For a customer mailing we had black notebooks made with green highlights, which we sent with black laprinta pens from prodir - we will also blog our experiences on this.

Therefore we decided on black boogies, which we had printed as usual:

We can only recommend the Boogie!

Our conclusion is therefore very clear: The Boogie ballpoint pen is excellent in all respects and we can warmly recommend it to you.
A sample of your dream boogie will convince you too!

In addition to the Boogie Basic, you will also find other Boogie models at laprinta, for example with a shiny shaft and shiny metal tip, with all-round photo printing and more.

Let us advise you or browse through our range of promotional pens!