Does anyone make money with ClickBank

Clickbank - the ideal platform for getting started with affiliate marketing


In my first article about Clickbank about two weeks ago, I introduced the platform in more detail and already mentioned that beginners in affiliate marketing should also consider Clickbank as a sales platform.

Clickbank is especially suitable for those who want to sell digital products such as software or ebooks. And since Clickbank is now also available for the German market, the number of German products in the marketplace will grow in the near future, including certainly some that are worth promoting.

Your advantages as an affiliate

As an affiliate, you do not need your own product to sell, but you promote the products of others, the so-called vendors, and you receive a commission for every sale made via your link. At Clickbank, the commission is up to 75 percent of the sales price.

The other advantages of being an affiliate are that you don't have to worry about product delivery or customer support. In addition, you do not have to have your own sales website for the product like the vendor.


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In order to be able to advertise the product, you will receive advertising material such as banners, e-mail texts, blog articles, videos, etc. from the vendor or product distributor.

Or so it should be. When choosing a product, make sure that the vendor makes it easy for you to advertise. If there is no advertising material for the product, you should consider whether you should advertise it at all. It is also important that you can contact the vendor of your affiliate product, e.g. B. via a support link provided by the vendor.

In addition to these advantages as an affiliate, there are of course a few disadvantages for you if you have decided to promote products from others.

Your disadvantages and risks as an affiliate

As an affiliate, you have no control over the “lifetime” of the product. If, for whatever reason, the vendor decides to take their product off the market, you have to accept this and can only hope that you are not running an elaborate promotion that was then in vain.

They also have no influence on the quality and pricing of the product. If the vendor lowers their commission, you will earn less on every brokered sale. That too can happen.

If you want to become an affiliate in the digital information industry, you should have bought and at least viewed every product that you recommend yourself.

Of course, it's best if you could test it for success. That is, if you z. If, for example, you want to sell an ebook about increasing traffic on your own websites, then you should have used the tips in it for your website to see whether the information is really valuable and understandable for everyone.

Only when you really know the product will your recommendations really get across to others.

Then the question remains: as an affiliate, do I have to have special knowledge in certain areas? Because in many advertising texts it often sounds like an affiliate can earn money quickly and effortlessly without having to do or know anything for it. Of course that's not true.

Essential affiliate knowledge and skills

First of all, you should be willing to familiarize yourself with various subject areas and also have perseverance, because even if the entry into affiliate marketing sounds easy, the money does not come by itself.

Other important knowledge you should acquire:

1. Creating a small website: WordPress is almost always the first option because this blog CMS is very easy to use and there are many free templates on the Internet. More will come in one of the next blog posts.

2. You should deal with copywriting because after all you want to attract and win customers with your advertising.

3. You should be able to deal with autoresponders and then incorporate them into your website. Autoresponder or newsletter software is an application with which you can automatically send e-mails to your newsletter subscribers. Some time ago I presented a small selection of different newsletter systems on this blog.

4. You should familiarize yourself with other internet marketing techniques, such as: B. can attract visitors, how to optimize your page for the appropriate keywords, etc.

5. You should become familiar with certain tools that you will need to further optimize your site and strategy.

The list could go on and on, but the points above are the most important ones to begin with. As you can see, it is not easy to become an affiliate :-). By the way, this list is not only relevant for Clickbank affiliates, but also applies to affiliate activities in general.

In order to acquire this knowledge, there are enough free resources on the Internet that you can use.

Simply google the individual terms and you will find numerous websites or blogs on the subject of "Internet Marketing" on which articles or tutorials have been posted on the above points. If you don't want to spend days or weeks looking for important information, you can fall back on paid offers.


Anyone who wants to start earning money on the Internet as an affiliate will not be able to avoid a large initial learning curve if they want to be successful. Nonetheless, being an affiliate has some advantages over offline business.

This eliminates cost-intensive infrastructures such as shops, buying goods, rent, operating and ancillary costs. But nobody will be able to avoid the learning curve. Clickbank makes it much easier for affiliate beginners to get started, as it offers a very good affiliate program together with a successful payment service.